Unique wedding cakes

The wedding cake is not a matter that should be taken lightly. It must fit the overall décor and the theme of the party, therefore, if many details that compose your decorations are rather angular, square wedding cakes are precisely for you. This shape can have but advantages. No baker will ever go wrong with it and it is also quite easy to be decorated. It is now all a matter of what you decide to adorn it with, as no one will get the privilege to decide upon the most delicious element of your wedding other than you.
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It is quite fashionable nowadays to have wedding cakes that tell a story. Of course, it has to be a story about your couple or about your common interests, but be careful as your cake will be prone to disaster if your intention is to decorate each and every side of the cake with a story.

square wedding cakes

For instance, if you both have a passion for travelling, it would not be a bad idea if your square cake décor will bear the theme of your favorite place.

Flowers are often used for adorning wedding cakes, but what is better than these are cakes whose flowers are edible. Talk to the one in charge with your cake’s design and suggest him to use fondant flowers. Also, a big plus is the fact that the round shape of the flowers will soften your cake and it will add a drop of diversity to it.

square wedding cakes 2

If your wedding theme is vintage-related, then you can never fail with lace. No, we are not suggesting that you put some lace on your wedding cake, but it will perfectly match your dress if you have designed as if it had a hand made embroidery on the surface. Of course, it will be ice in buttercream so, the guests will have no problem with eating it – none other than tearing apart a marvelous work of art, that is.

square wedding cakes 3

Some of you, though, might want to keep it simple, and for you our recommendation is to go for a square chocolate cake with a thin colored bow as a final touch.

Do not forget that a cake cannot be complete without a cake topper. And since you have decided that the shape of the cake must be square, the topper must come to complement it. If you do not wish to go for flowers (even though they make fabulous final touches) you can go for elements that best represent you as a couple. For instance, if you are both music lovers your cake topper could be a treble clef.