Special wedding cakes for special wedding ceremonies

Special wedding cakes…. Special cakes again! How about that? it seems that we’ve got some other suggestions left to present to you and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy these ones as well and also that they’re going to seem a really gorgeous and delicious option.
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We start with a suggestion for those that aren’t into the classical wedding cakes and that adore nature pretty much. Would you love that your wedding cake takes themes and details from nature in order that it looks as if it’s ripped from that story? For instance, we’re speaking about a wedding cake designed in white and brown tones together with green details added between each layer and that has the same look as leaves. Here’s a nice combination that we’re certain you’re going to enjoy pretty much and you can be sure that you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous wedding cake that is really different from others in the same time….

wedding cakes

Here are our other ideas of special wedding cakes and we’re sure you’re going to consider these in the same manner. So, we’re speaking about a three layered cake that is round and has a sandy background when it comes to the tone and the elements at its bottom may indicate the idea of sand as well. Also, at the basis of every layer you can observe a necklace made of shells and these are really gorgeous looking in the same time.

Also, here and there on the surface of this cake you can observe some shells attached and some sea details as well. Be sure that they’re going to end up looking really great in combination with the other details….. Indeed, a gorgeous wedding cake!

wedding cakes 2

Another wedding cake that we have to mention about is this three layered cake that is designed with white background. Around every layer you can observe some golden details made of slight applications which are made of sweet ingredients as well. Let’s also add that the top layer is left uncovered and that all in all, it’s a gorgeous model which definitely needs to be taken into account.

wedding cakes 3

Here’s how we continue with some other suggestions of wedding cakes which are going to seem fine example as well. We’re speaking about a three layered cake that is made of round layers. This one has a cream tone background and around each layer you can observe flower patterns designed from colors.

wedding cakes 4

Also, on one layer and the last one you can observe flower details placed in a very gorgeous manner and these seem to cope greatly together and we’re certain that you’re going to love the combination pretty much.