Desserts for a wedding shower

When you consider throwing a bridal shower party you have to think about the desserts to be served for this girly event. Many times, brides take the easy way and order a smaller version of the wedding cake in order to celebrate the wedding shower.
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So, what about a small, two tiered wedding cake that is made in white and has but the most beautiful details on? The higher tier that represents the base of the cake has petals on it made from sweet ingredients; the top tier has a ribbon surrounding it that features grey pearls.

desserts for a wedding shower

Let us also add that you can observe a flower detail attached that makes a nice combination with the other details. It is, all in all, a simple white cake, which seems to look gorgeous with all those little elements.

Want to add a touch if imagination to the bridal shower dessert? Nothing is impossible and in this case we were thinking about bringing a touch of color through sweets. How about some apples covered in chocolate with pink topping? It sounds pretty nice if you ask us, and we are certain that they have captured your interest, as well. However, do not forget to make the sticks longer; you will not want your guests to get dirty and sticky with chocolate.

desserts for a wedding shower 2

If the suggestions presented above do not seem good enough desserts for a wedding shower then the ones we are about to present will sound even greater. This time we have sweets that come in different dimensions: square, round and long, all of them made of different ingredients and in a different manner.

desserts for a wedding shower 3

You know how important their aspect is and, in order to make sure they keep that aspect throughout the bridal shower the trick is to have them wrapped in a special cooking paper for sweets.

Biscuits filled with different creams and adorned with all sorts of details, pancakes with different kinds of fillings and even plain cupcakes make wonderful dessert pieces for a wedding shower with your closed ones.

desserts for a wedding shower 4

You could also go for different foams made of sweet ingredients and with chocolate chips on top. No matter on what you decide upon, be sure that you’re going to end up with a very entertaining wedding shower in which your guests are going to be tempted to have a bite after the other during the entire event.