3 Helpful Tips From Wedding Vendors


Wedding vendors deal with a lot, from screaming children to stressed-out brides to disastrous cakes to god-awful dancing and anything and everything else you can think of. Seasoned vendors subsequently have lots of advice for couples getting ready to tie that knot, some of which can be found below. Use this advice to stay sane throughout the wedding planning process and enjoy your Big Day like you should:

Avoid Elongating The Dinner Service

Cut the cake as soon as possible to avoid forcing your catering staff to serve it later in the evening. Why? It extends dinner service well beyond the typical hour. Avoid making your reception too dinner-heavy by cutting the cake as part of your grand reception entrance or providing sheet cakes in addition to your wedding cake so dessert is served at a reasonable time. Save money by serving sheet cakes and using a tiered wedding cake that’s faux everywhere except the top tier!

Have Your Courses Served At Once

Ask for your dinner courses to be served at one time during the reception. Before you say “Whaaaatt….??”, think about it: talking to practically every wedding guest is a given, and if you go around to the tables to say hello and thanks for coming before everyone has finished eating, you’re allowing for more dancing and general frivolity. Eat your meal first to give yourself plenty of time to chat with your guests. After all, do you really want to spend your entire reception in a receiving line?

Be Very, Very Specific

Be as specific as you can with your instructions so your catering staff knows exactly what to do on the Big Day. Vendors want and need detailed instructions to provide you with the wedding of your dreams, so the more information you provide, the better.

Keep these tips in mind…and remember to have fun on your wedding day!!