Top Tips to Finance Your Wedding


For many of us, our wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of our lives. It’s the ultimate celebration, and one you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. With that said, this beautiful day can be a costly one and it’s slowly reaching an all-time high. In America, a survey indicated that couples were spending an average of $29.858 on their weddings which is ridiculous, especially as you have mortgages and other utility bills to pay for.  This is why you need you stay mindful of your spending, you don’t won’t your wedding effecting your financing that are supporting your life. Don’t let this frighten you away, you can still create a smart and stylish wedding, you just need to be smart and here are some tips for financing that special day:


Believe or not, stationery can quickly become expensive and is usually one of the first things on a couples wedding itinerary. To avoid this affecting your budget, ask someone to design invitations for you cost-free. Maybe you got a family member who are keen into their art, or maybe a friend is willing to do you favour and create the stationery for you. All of this will save the pennies and you will certainly notice.

Work out the cost of your wedding and set a budget

Whether you opt for a wedding package or you’re putting all together yourself, the cost of weddings can add up. Set a budget and stick to it so you don’t end up making unnecessary purchases. Make a list of everything you need to spend money on and shop around for the best deals. With a budget, you’ll know exactly how much everything is going to cost. So if you find that you’re short on cash, you can take out a wizzcash payday loan that will support you with any other additional costs.


This works in tandem with the paragraph above, before you begin planning your wedding and reception, sit down with your partner and make a list of your top five priorities. By doing this will help determine where to go all out and where to be cost efficient, this helps when creating your budget, thus hopefully helping save on the costs.

The world is your oyster   

Locations of your wedding can prove to be one of the most expensive aspects of that special day but there are many options for low-cost or even no-cost locations, these include local and national parks and believe me, some of the parks are beautiful, giving off a fairy tale feel to the location.  Some places offer an all-inclusive package in which the wedding, reception and sometimes the honeymoon are all included in the deal which could save you a whole load of money.

Student Finance

It’s essential to have a photographer at your wedding so you can remember the special day as the years go by. While most people hire a professional photographer this will hit on your budget hard, the best way to keep the cost down is by choosing a student photographer, it will be cheaper and they will be eager in providing an excellent service.