The right model of wedding cake

It’s hard to find the right model of cake for your wedding day and that’s why we thought it would be really interesting to share some interesting examples of wedding cakes with you and maybe you’re going to apply for one of these. How about that? Well, this sounds pretty interesting from our perspective and maybe you’re going to take all these details exposed here or some of these and apply them to your own tastes.

We start with a three round layered cake that is made in creamy white tone. This one looks really simple and great in the same time.

the right model of wedding cake

At the basis of every layer you can observe a sort of a necklace that’s made of sweet pearls in the same color and texture as the rest of the cake. Also, here and there on the cake, on the second and last layer you can observe flower details which are probably made of sweet ingredients. The final layer doesn’t have anything on it and we’re sure that you find all these elements and details really fine and neat placed together.
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Similar in details with the other wedding cake is definitely this one which is made with the same elements at the basis. There are some details that make it different from the other. For example, this cake is made in three round layers which have different size and dimensions. The basic color for this one is faded blue and it’s a really pleasant looking one. On the margins of this cake you can observe some flower details that are conceived of sweet ingredients and these are looking really vivid and nice in the same time.

the right model of wedding cake 2

You can observe these flowers only on the basic layer and on the second one. The final layer remains simple and without any details applied on it. Indeed, a nice blending of elements and details. Another detail that we’ve forgotten to mention about refers to the pearls at the basis of every layer that are placed all around and look really great in combination with the other details.

Another wedding cake that we want to refer to is made in nice details as well and we’re sure that you haven’t seen a similar cake to this one lately. This one is made in three tones: red, white and green and it creates a really interesting visual effect.

the right model of wedding cake 3

So, we’re speaking about a two layered round cake that is made in red and white. The basic layer is red entirely and it has at the basis a white layer all around, this layer is thin and looks great in the same time. The top layer is made in white and red straps and on the top there’s a flower detail that looks really vivid in the same time. The flowers for which they’ve applied for are chrysanthemum.