Wedding cakes photos

The wedding cake isn’t meant only to make your senses feel relaxed and caressed; these are made to have an elegant wedding and full of creative details in the same time. This is why you need a wedding cake that tells more than the simple fact that it’s delicious.

wedding cakes photos

We’ve prepared some models and wedding cakes photos that are going to be like an example for your wedding – at least, that’s what we hope!
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Among all the wedding cakes photos we would like to start with this first example of sweet and great looking detail, which we’re certain you’re going to fall in love with instantly. So, this one is made in four layers, round layers and it’s almost entirely white. Its simplicity is what makes it this interesting and all the details surrounding it as well. At the basis of each layer there’s this thin area which is composed of a green layer, also here and there on every layer you can find a small flower bud in yellow and the piece au resistance consists the flower spherical bouquet placed on top, which is made of numerous flowers in tones like white or yellow.

In case you’re looking for something more delicious looking and really atypical for wedding cakes, then the future example is the right one. So, we’re speaking about a one layered wedding cake which is made in black and white and it has cut figs on top. We think that this is an exquisite combination of details and in the same time it’s between the most interesting examples of wedding cakes photos.

wedding cakes photos 2

Sometimes a really minimalist idea can seem really interesting and charged with symbols in the same time. in order to continue with some other examples of wedding cakes photos, which we’re certain you’re going to take into account in the same time we were thinking of a four round layered wedding cake made in white and at the basis of each layer you can observe a thin portion that is composed of small pearls made of sweet ingredients. There’s also on one side of the wedding cake a green detail which consists of leaves and a flower. These details are used rarely, but in the same time they’re really powerful in combination with the pure and fresh white.

wedding cakes photos 3

It’s impossible that between these wedding cakes pictures you didn’t find a particular example that is suitable with your personal taste and what you’re expecting your wedding cake to look like. Indeed, some really interesting examples and in the same time it’s a real pity if you don’t apply for at least one of these.