Wedding cake traditions

The wedding cake is indeed an essential detail that is used in the wedding reception. Certainly, you’re able to observe that besides the fact that it’s a must have detail used in your ceremony, it also has some traditions surrounding it and these make the difference from a wedding to the other.

Besides applying for the model of wedding cake and the appropriate wedding cake toppers, there will always be the traditions that you have to take into account and you should omit at the level of this accessory!

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Wedding cake

For instance, the moment of cutting the wedding cake…. This moment is indeed a proof of togetherness and it indicates between the first steps that the bride and groom do together. For this ritual you need a wedding cake knife, which is an important wedding accessory. You can find various wedding cake knives that have different sizes and shapes and they can be made of various materials, like opal, gold or silver. Besides these details, the wedding cakes are adorned with different wedding accessories, like pearls, bows or ribbons – don’t forget to make the wedding cake knife look special and you have to make the difference through it.
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Another wedding tradition related to the wedding cake, concerns the wedding cake charm. This one is involves pulling out the charm from the wedding cake layers. These charms are attached to the satin ribbons and they’re a symbol of good luck. Besides all these, you’re going to observe how these wedding charms are made of different symbolic materials, like crystal, gold or silver. You can find these wedding cake charms in various dimensions and shapes, such as hearts, cupids or flowers and so on….

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Wedding cake

Cutting the wedding cake is a wedding tradition that was recalled in multiple occasions. This moment will unite the two for the first time, as they’re going to put their hands on the knife and cut the wedding cake together. This gesture is performed in front of the audience that consists of acquaintances, family and all your friends. In this wedding ritual you’re able to observe how the groom places his right hand on the bride’s hand and the first slice of wedding cake is eaten by the bride and groom – in fact, they feed one and other. As we’ve just mentioned, it’s among the most important wedding traditions that you’re able to observe in a wedding ceremony!