Disney wedding cakes

Disney wedding themes should have also Disney wedding cakes and this means that you have to take into account using the same details as in the rest of the wedding elements and details. It’s not going to be hard at all to realize a wedding cake which is made with themes from the wonderful world of Disney; in fact you’re going to love all the suggestions that we’re going to offer to you.

So, let’s start with our first suggestion of Disney wedding cake which is made in white and it’s made in three round layers and in white. Here and there on the surface of every layer you can observe small dots and on top of this wedding cake you can also observe a heart and two figurines that seem to imitate squirrels.

Disney wedding cakes

These two miniatures can be the two of you and the visual effect created is indeed stunning! You can rely on this type of wedding cake if you want to be unique and different in comparison with other wedding cakes that you may have observed in other weddings.
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There’s the option in which you can apply for a wedding cake in shape of a castle and adding some characters from the cartoons from Disney. This may sound as a kooky idea, but it’s definitely special and great to be taken into account. As for the colors that you decide to use, make sure that they’re between your favorite ones and you’re not going to regret taking them into account. So, do you think that this wedding cake can be placed with ease between our lists of Disney wedding cakes?

Disney wedding cakes 2

Also, there’s the other option that you surely can take into account and you’re not going to fail if you apply for it. So, there’s the normal wedding cake that you can take into account, made of multiple layers and on top the cake toppers are those that make the difference. You can apply for adding the couple of Minnie and Mickey Mouse on top!

Disney wedding cakes 3

If a normal wedding cake doesn’t seem to fit perfectly the Disney wedding cakes examples then a colored wedding cake with all kinds of flowers and details on it will definitely seem appropriate. Also, if you add a couple of figurines on top you don’t have how to fail and you surely won’t regret taking this into account.

Among all these models of Disney wedding cakes surely you’re going to find a right and appropriate model and most of all, you’re not going to regret taking one of these models into account!