The royal wedding cake with 8 layers

The royal wedding was surrounded by lots of rumors, all the people were curious concerning the wedding dress and how the princess would have looked like – and they sure did see this, because all the people on the globe focused on this wedding when it happened, they all watched it with their eyes wide open and hearts beating faster and faster. Some might have seen this wedding as the most important event of this century and it’s sure a memorable one!
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All the tiniest details were prepared with lots of attention so that the wedding ceremony would be a complete success. The wedding cake of the princess for instance, this is another element that was discussed, not only due to its aspect, but also due to the way in which it was conceived – an entire story surrounds this marvelous sweet piece.

The sweet piece that William and his bride, Catherine, have cut in their royal wedding reception, after the religious ceremony had 8 layers and 300 of the closest friends and acquaintances were really luck to taste and eat from it in the Buckingham Palace. This 8 layer wedding cake is the work of Fiona Cairns, a well known confectioner.

You have to know that the wedding cake was covered by a glaze and whipped cream and adorned with almost 900 sugar flowers. This one has been the main piece of décor for the wedding reception that took place at the palace.

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Royal wedding cake

For realizing the very expected sweet piece, the confectioner Fiona Cairns has worked for about five weeks, using all her resources and her imagination, as well as that of her crew.

In February was when Cairns has been contacted by the members of the royal court, in order to make sure that she is able to realize the wedding cake of William and Catherine.

Accordingly to Kate’s indications, the royal wedding cake didn’t have to be tall and thin, it had to be imposing, in order not to get lost somewhere in the room of the wedding reception of the palace. In addition, some of the architectural details of the room were placed on the wedding cake as well. The most important element of décor from all was the one related to the flowers in numerous variants.

Kate wished for 17 different flower types, all having a special meaning. The white rose is the national symbol of England, the hyacinth is the symbol of Wales and the white clover is the symbol of Ireland and the thorn is related to Scotland. As you can observe, there are multiple symbols that are placed together on this wedding cake and they all mean something, but separately. But there are other details that also need to be mentioned and you need to know about: the acorns and the oak leaf are a symbol of resistance, while the mirth means love.

And we don’t stop here, because we have observed other elements on the royal wedding cake designed in 8 layers, which we want you to know about. There’s the lily of the valley that means obedience, the honeysuckle means bonding in love, the apple leaves are the ones bringing good luck, jasmine is the symbol of being kind and kindness, the daisy means innocence, while lavender is a clear sign of devotion and the orange flowers are a true symbol of eternal love.

The final arrangements and placing the wedding cake together at the palace was a procedure that lasted for about two days and the most difficult part was that in which it had to be transported from Leicestershire to the Buckingham Palace. The confectioner hasn’t mentioned all the details concerning the ingredients of the wedding cake, saying only some things about the dry fruits, nuts, cherries, lemons, oranges and French brandy, all of these being mixed with eggs and powder.

The duke and the duchess are the greatest fans when it comes to fruit cakes, but these are not the only celebrities for whom she works for. It seems that Paul McCartney orders a cake each Christmas, but not any kind of cake, a fruit one. Simply Red and Pink Floyd members are also some of the famous clients of this great confectioner.

Though the final wedding cake seemed to look really easy to be put together, you’ve seen with your own eyes just how difficult it was for the confectioner and her crew members was to put all these details together. Certainly, this wedding cake has been seen as a masterpiece and a part of the pieces of décor from the huge wedding reception saloon.