Huge wedding cakes

We all know that in a way or another we try to show the other ones just how great we are and most of you do that in their wedding day. You try to show your guests how much style you have and how much money you’ve invested in the most important day of your life. Well, things just don’t need to be in this way! You can denote good taste and elegance through simple elements and not to overwhelm your guests.

huge wedding cakes

Once in a while it’s just great to admire big looking things at your wedding and also if you know how to do it you won’t be kitsch. For instance, if you have a really big wedding ceremony with a lot of guests of course there’s needed extra food and yes you can express your amount of money involved through food and the menu.
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Another way of expressing your importance and happiness in the same time is through a wedding cake, which can be oversized and with exquisite details on it. In the lines to come we will present you some interesting looking cakes, which are really big or tall and you’ll definitely admire these just how beautiful they are!

The first model for which you may apply for if you have the necessary sum of money is taken from a Hollywood couple’s wedding. This huge cake may have the height of a young adolescent, at least that’s what we think.

This wedding cake is made from five square layers and it’s in white tone. At the basis of every layer there is a recollection of differently colored flowers: roses, peonies and many other flowers. The last layer is full of such flower buds and it certainly looks great. We totally recommend this model of cake: it’s elegant and it denotes good taste.

Here’s another amazing cake: it is made from nine round layers. It has beautiful ornaments on it and it is in white and golden tones. We just wonder how many people were feasted from this huge cake?! Besides being really big we suppose it is really delicious too…. Maybe you should think of adopting this model of cake, but you won’t definitely make it.

huge wedding cakes2

O.k so another huge cake has a vintage touch on it. This cake is made in six square layers in black and white with vintage pattern and other five layers in pinkish tones, but we only suppose that these five are only supports for these really big layers.

huge wedding cakes3

We suppose that this model is really delicious too and we hope that you have a lot of guests if you decided for such a model: it’s big and you need a lot of mouths in order to get rid of it.

After all you don’t make a large cake just for the sake of having something big at your wedding: you should use it, don’t you think so? Don’t waste money on unnecessary items.