Say I Do to a minimalist wedding cake

Minimalist wedding cakes can be also from powerful color combinations or even combinations of colors! And such combinations can be made on a white cake in a square shape with tiny little flowers or fruits in orange or red colors that seem like placed on some branches! Don`t forget to place some green leaves on the branches and the story is almost at its finish! Another thing is to place these square sweet pieces in a stair shape and now you can say that you`ve obtained a minimal wedding cake!


Black and white seems to be inspiring every time! A black and white cake made with lines can be very delicious and creates a wonderful view also! You can have those lines or stripes in any position you like and also place at the top of every layer a necklace made put of sweet white flowers that have some dots in their center!
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Having an entire cake in white can be great as long as you apply some preciousness on it! For example, you can apply a pearl necklace around every layer and also a ribbon made out of a sweet material in a strong color! End the ribbon with a bow! Don`t forget to place some small pearls on every side of the layers also! The cake will certainly look precious and everybody won`t wait until the moment you will cut the cake and offer them a piece!


A classic model of minimalistic cake is that of a white sweet with brown dots on it, made out of chocolate, obviously! Let`s not forget to place around every layer a brown ribbon that ends tied up with a bow!

What could be more elegant than a cake that has on it some elements that bring you to the idea of a precious fabric or a dressed bride! This cake is based on inventive ideas: black lace made out of candy, a wedding veil made out of white, sweet material too and let`s not forget a wedding bouquet placed on one side of the cake! Interesting and tasty idea in the same time!

A cake made out of three layers that look like candy boxes seem a great idea! You can place on top of these sweet pieces, a miniature couple that reminds you of the wedding cake! Certainly everybody would love to have such a wedding cake, it sounds unique, like no one has adopted such a cake!

Muffins are loved by all of us! But for those that have a special thing for muffins, here`s a suggestion regarding three or four huge muffins to form a wedding cake! Make every layer in shape of a muffin and place each one on top of the other!


Tempting idea, isn`t it? it`s not an expensive cake, and it also creates a wonderful view and everybody will be tempted to taste this kind of cake! And another thing is to pick a cake from a material that isn’t too sweet or is provoking nausea!