Contemporary wedding cake

When it comes to wedding cakes we just can’t get enough because these look simply delicious and there are so many interesting models that you just can’t imagine. Today we’re going to speak about contemporary wedding cakes and we will offer you an entire list of great looking models….

contemporary wedding cake

We start with a cake that looks really interesting from every angle possible. It is made in three square layers and in white and yellow tones. The background of this cake is white and you can observe yellow irregular shapes that are underlined by black lines. This sweet piece of pastry is a nice combination of modernity with the minimalist style. This cake doesn’t have a normal wedding topper, like the other models of cakes you encounter at weddings and this can be considered a great thing- it means uniqueness.
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If you’re really into colors and things like that then it means that this model of wedding cake will definitely please you: it’s so colored that you just can’t imagine! This piece of pastry is composed of three round layers and each layer has nice lines and colors: blue, green and purple.

contemporary wedding cake2

All these straps that compose this marvelously looking cake create an interesting chromatic effect and let’s not forget also that you can arrange it on some stairs, instead of a normal plate and these stairs can be made in really colored tones and lines like the cake. As cake toppers you ca use some green apples or big shiny details in circular shape and in a strong color….

You can also opt for a wedding cake made in heart shape. This heart shape cake can be made in two strong colors pink and green. it can be composed from one layer or multiple ones. There can also be a bow detail made from sweet ingredients and be sure that the effect is guaranteed. This is another modern model of wedding cake and we just hope that you enjoy it as much as we do from the point of the aesthetic feature….

contemporary wedding cake3

The next model we want to present you is made of three round layers and it’s in a sweet blue tone. The background is really simple and the rest of the details used on this cake are really interesting: all around this cake there are used some three branches with nice looking leaves with small flower buds.

contemporary wedding cake4

This is quite a great looking model and not of the multitude of the details, it’s just a simple idea that is applied to this simple cake, because it’s blue and it doesn’t have any other details on it. Also let’s mention the fact that this cake doesn’t have a topper so it still remains simple!