Unusual wedding cakes

Nowadays, more and more couples decide to go for wedding cakes that are rater extraordinary. If your plan and purpose is to make a difference and you intend to do that through this sweet piece of dessert, then you should take into account the examples of unusual wedding cakes that we have looked around – and found – for you.
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First of all, let us define unusual. Well, you must imagine that such cakes are not at all identical to those classical models you have already grown accustomed to, they are designed in a different manner and, to make sure all your guests will find your wedding cake uncommon, add an out-of-the-ordinary cake topper.

unusual wedding cakes

But considering wedding cakes in general, when we say unusual, we refer to models that come in outrageous colors but with an extremely interesting design. If you are a refined person and you are on the quest for an unusual wedding cake, then certainly this one is just the appropriate model for you – it is conceived in shades of purple and it is really glowy and good looking. At the base of every tier you can observe multiple ruffled areas that seem to imitate fine fabric. Also, all around it, the bakers have placed pearls that add the cake a classy air, and they did a great job with this task.

For those of you who are incurable dreamers a colorful cake will best express your personality. The one we have in mind has recently been turned to reality and below you can see a picture of it.

unusual wedding cakes 2

It is a real work of art, from our perspective, as the manner in which it was built and the labor that this cake required makes the bakers worthy of all appreciation. Of course, there are all kinds of geometrical details that make it even more interesting, and you can be certain that this cake will be kept alive in the memory of the guests for a long time.

unusual wedding cakes 3

Now moving to the cake toppers, well, in their case you have to know that they represent the final touch, and their presence (or absence) can make a true difference. For example, a cake that features a topper made in the minimalist style will be a hit, if you are brave enough to have one.
Make sure the design of your cake (and the cake topper, as well) matches the theme of the wedding. You do want your guests to think you brought a cake that was destined to a different wedding.