Wedding cake on table surrounded by floral arrangements

Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring. These Elegant Wedding Cakes Prove Simple Can Be Absolutely Stunning.

Few things make us happier than a delectable wedding cake, both in terms of taste and look. Dessert trends come and go, but nothing beats a cake that tickles more than one of your senses.

Our favorite kind of wedding cake makes a statement while still complimenting your wedding decor. And whether your wedding cake is naturally iced, decorated with fresh fruit, or adorned with fresh, edible flowers, it’s important to create a dessert that tells a story.

Here are 14 elegant wedding cakes that are sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Plated croquembouche on table with flowers behind itImage Source:

Wedding Cake #14: Plated Croquembouche

The first wedding cake on the list originated from France. See it as a break from the cliché idea of a traditional wedding cake. Here’s one of the reasons why the Plated Croquembouche made it to the top list: it’s becoming a common theme to ditch the idea of having a large wedding altogether.

The French wedding cake saves you the stress and messiness of serving slices from a large cake. It can be served as dessert at a wedding. The makeup of the cake is profiteroles, spun sugar, edible flowers, sugared almonds, and chocolate. Plated Croquembouche is delicious and considered a perfect choice for those planning to have a unique wedding.

 Elegant tiered wedding cake with beautiful watercolor flowersImage Source: Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona; cake by Nine Cakes.

Wedding Cake #13: Watercolor Designs

Watercolor designs are best described as honest works of art. This wedding cake idea has been trendy for a couple of years now. It comes with delicate strokes and airy watercolors that turn your cake into a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Modern art inspired black wedding cake with large white flowersImage Source: Photo by 5ive15teen Photo Company; cake by Nadia & Co.

Wedding Cake #12: Modern Art Pieces

Wedding cakes do not have to fit into the narrative of round tiers. Why don’t you try something different?

This modern art wedding cake idea takes an artistic turn when it comes to the design. When you pay close attention, you will notice the infusion of offset tiers or darker color palettes. This wedding cake idea is perfect for couples that want more—not just a cake, but a piece of art.

Edible flowers made out of sugar have been showing up more often on wedding cakesImage Source: Photo by Adriana Klas; cake by Samantha Mayfair Cakes.

Wedding Cake #11: Decked-Out Sugar Flowers

It’s no secret most cakes have fresh flowers that only serve a beautification purpose. But this wedding cake idea offers something different. It comes with edible flowers that are made out of sugar.

This wedding cake idea is one of the most sought-after this year. It is a perfect choice for small and intimate weddings.

beautifully decorated single-tiered cake for micro-weddingImage Source: Cake by Earth and Sugar.

Wedding Cake #10: Single Tier Cake

Here is an ideal choice for small weddings. Last year, our lives changed in many ways. Small weddings became a thing, and couples began to scale down their guest list drastically.

It doesn’t seem like that trend will go away anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of it with a beautiful decorated single-tiered wedding cake. This cake is perfect for a group of 10 to 12 wedding guests.

Hand painted wedding cake with beautiful flowersImage Source: Lucy Davenport Photography, Cake by Curtis & Co. Cakes.

Wedding Cake #9: Picture Perfect

For a true showstopping wedding cake, handpainted is the way to go. This is so gorgeous! It adds to your wedding picture album. It has floral details that make it perfect for a feminine fete or perhaps a garden-themed party.

A whimsical wedding cake with tiers of macaroons and cakeImage Source: Cake by Winifred Kristé Cake.

Wedding Cake #8: Mixed Sweet Confections

Are you having trouble making up your mind between a regular cake or spicing it up with macarons? Then maybe combining the two would be perfect for your wedding.

Many couples are now including mixed sweet macarons with one tier of a traditional cake. The result will be a wedding cake with a fanciful look.

Classic buttercream wedding cake with decorative buttercream stenciling in a vintage designImage Source: Cake by Fleur and Flour.

Wedding Cake #7: Buttercream Detailing

If you’re a lover of the minimalistic designs where less is more, an intricately decorated buttercream wedding cake might be for you.

You can never go wrong with buttercreams. Although the detailing has been around forever, this classic cake idea can certainly make the presentation more visually interesting. With buttercream detailing and stenciling, you can really bring out the texture of your cake.

rustic or semi-naked with fresh flowers and greeneryImage Source: Photo by Lacie Hansen; cake by Lele Patisserie; florals by Jenn Sanchez Design.

Wedding Cake #6: Simple Decoration

Semi-naked and nude cakes have been a favorite for years, and this coming year won’t be any different. Add a touch of classic buttercream for an elegant rustic look or try out semi-naked cakes with greenery or fresh flowers for something elegant and whimsical. No matter how you slice it, your guests will love this design.

A three-tiered wedding cake of ocean blue brushstrokes with metallic trim and sunshine-hued bloomsImage Source: Judy Park Studios, cake by Nine Cakes.

Wedding Cake #5: Something Blue

As the name suggests, the wedding cake idea rekindles all the love of Billie Elish’s Ocean Eyes. The three-tiered cake of stunning ocean blue brushstrokes will have the jaws of your wedding guests dropped.

Its rich base is well accented with a bouquet of sunshine-hued blooms and glittering metallic trim. Indeed, this cake will make a statement.

elegant white tiered wedding cakeImage Source: Photo by Amy Anaiz; cake by B Cake NY.

Wedding Cake #4: Skinnier Multi-Tier Cakes

This wedding cake idea screams small ceremony. Are you planning to keep it low and mellow? The skinnier multi-tier cake might just be for you. Yes, it’s a very small cake. However, you can still make a cake of that size look classic with multiple tiers.

white fondant wedding cake with a gradient design of blue and violet watercolorImage Source: Jen Huang Photography, cake by Nine Cakes.

Wedding Cake #3: Floating Sugar Flowers

Floating sugar flowers are modified whimsy that is in a confectionary form. The result of the pristine white fondant has a base with a gradient of violet and blue watercolor petals covering the tiers.

Individual mini wedding cakesImage Source:

Wedding Cake #2: Individual Mini-Cakes

Just like the Plated Croquembouche, the next cake idea on the list is ideal for individuals. The individual mini-cakes protect the guests from receiving slices from a large cake that has been on display all day.

Two-tiered elegant wedding cake in gold and pinkImage Source: Taralynn Lawton Photography, cake by Pretty Please Bakeshop.

Wedding Cake #1: Pretty in Pink & Gold

The concept of this two-tiered pleasure is feminine glam. The top layer is covered in a pastel pink watercolor-blend of icing, while the bottom features matte gold geometric stenciling. Greenery offers a nice touch of freshness.

Your wedding cake should represent your love story and be unique, and while the internet is an excellent source for inspiration, working with a local baker can also create something magical. Don’t be afraid to look for a cake that matches your style, whether it’s rustic, elegant, traditional, or dramatic! Next, check out our ultimate guide to wedding music.