18 Helpful Tips for a Stunning Wedding Table Setting

You want your wedding to be elegant and stylish. That’s why you buy the most beautiful dress, why you book a stunning venue, and why you should design a gorgeous wedding table setting. These are our 18 helpful tips to get you started on designing the ideal wedding table setting for your perfect day.

1. Know Your Colour Wheel


Using a colour wheel to determine what kinds of colours go well together will save you the embarrassment of a clashing colour palette.

2. Banquet Tables


Long banquet tables are modern and make the most use of the space available, leaving plenty of room for the dancefloor.

3. Bright Colour Accent


Choosing your colour palette is important, but if you are looking for something simple and modern, choose one accent colour against white linens. A colour theme that pops makes for a memorable wedding design!

4. Tall Pomander Centrepiece


A tall pomander centrepiece is not only a bold statement piece, but gets a big display off the table, allowing your guests to see each other and making room on the table for all the dishes.

5. Simple Rose Decoration


Decorating a table with a lone rose is simple and chic. Enough said.

6. Crisp White Linen


Neutrals are a safe bet when determining a colour palette for your guests’ tables. And nothing says class more than a crisp white table cloth, neat white napkins, and white roses and candles as the centrepiece.

7. Engraved Wooden Box Centrepiece


If you’re looking for a centrepiece for your rustic wedding, a wooden engraved box, with the word “Love” or with your names is a great DIY project and makes a perfect container to build a floral arrangement. Use floral foam to pose and arrange your flowers.

8. Flower Bulb Wedding Favor


If you’re looking for wedding favor inspiration, look no further. Not only does a flower bulb wedding favor add colour to your table setting, it’s also a sweet gift from you to your guests.

9. Creative napkins


Who says table decoration has to stop at the centrepiece? Use creatively folded napkins to add some flair to your table setting.

10. Simple Jar Vases


Use jars or glasses as vases, and jazz them up ribbon or paper. Fill the bottom with beads or marbles to make them look even better.

11. Beach-Themed Centrepiece


Centrepieces don’t have to be floral. If you are having a beach themed wedding, try a beach-themed centrepiece. Use some sand and shells, and a candle holder filled with water holding a floating candle.

12. Quality Crockery


When choosing plates for your wedding table setting, you may be tempted to select the cheapest option. But the quality of the crockery you select will impact the quality of your entire wedding table setting. You want the very best, so make sure you learn exactly what items are required for a wedding table setting and how to set the table properly.

13. Rose Petal Centrepiece


Need to save space on your wedding table setting, but still want a beautiful centrepiece? A minimalist centrepiece using scattered rose petals is a lovely way to use the space you have without taking up too much room.

14. Round Tables


Round tables are classic. They leave more room for centrepieces and allow your guests to communicate with more people across the table and beside them without yelling down a banquet table.

15. Candle Centrepiece


A candle centrepiece looks lovely, but also serves a purpose, giving off beautiful golden light when the lights are dimmed and offering a truly romantic feel to your wedding reception.

16. Rustic Hessian Table Runner


If you are having a rustic, barn wedding, your wedding tables should suit your theme. Try a hessian table runner and couple it with candles and wildflowers.

17. Matching Place Cards and Menus


If you want to avoid utter chaos at your wedding reception, it’s best to assign seating. Place cards should be visible and face towards the guest’s seat. They should match the design of the menu card.

18. Succulent Wedding Favors


Choosing a succulent as a wedding favor and decorating the pot or jar with twine and hessian will look beautiful on your rustic wedding table setting as well as make a beautiful and lasting gift for your loved ones.


Now that you’ve sorted out your table setting, why not move on to choosing your bridesmaid dresses or take a look at these unique wedding cakes.