Sikh wedding headwear

A group of us from work have been invited to a workmates wedding. As he is a sikh, he has requested that we ‘cover our heads’ with something appropriate. His suggestions include a banadana or a hanky.

Can you suggest anything more appropriate for wearing with a suit…


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Respecting another’s culture is the sign of true friendship. It is not often that men can wear bright and colorful items in a formal gathering, except in this instance. You will have no problem finding something to match the color theme, and here is some info that will help. To learn how to wrap the pugree or turban, please visit this site

The most beautiful head-dress for men is the hand-tied pugree or turban. The turban or pugree is made from fine
cotton and usually comes in about one meter width. A visit to a pugree shop reveals a multitude of colors. Bright
ones for the young at heart. The standard black, maroon, army green, navy blue and steel grey for the mature look. White and saffron for the religious look.

The simpler version of the pugree involves an pproximately five meter long piece of cloth. Men who prefer the fuller look may buy eight meters of cloth, cut it in half and make a four-meter-by- two-meter turban to work with.

The Sikh child begins to learn the art of turban tying around his teens. It may take him several years to master
the procedure and develop his own personal style to create a work of art.

The Sikh’s dastar does not always have to be the long turban. Depending upon the situation, Sikhs have developed less formal styles as well. A two meter long piece of cloth (often with an interesting pattern) can make an attractive, less formal dastar.

Sikh sportsmen wear the patka made from a square piece of cloth (about two feet by two feet) with strings attached on two sides. The patka is tied around the head with the jurha snugly wrapped in the patka’s strings. Often a bandanna can be tied around the head with no strings. This is probably why he suggested a bandana or hanky.

Make him proud, and arrive in appropriate and respectful attire. You’ll be amazed at how much you will enjoy the experience. There is nothing more striking than an artfully done turban.

After purchasing the cloth, consider having one of the pugree shop attendants wrap the cloth for you and starch it, so that you can use later for the event, without the worry of learning how to wrap it yourself.

Please send us pictures!!!

Reverend Susanna Stefanachi Macomb

You can’t really wear a hat unless the hat covers your all your hair. A turban would be a really wonderful gesture. Ask your Sikh friends to help you! If you do not feel comfortable with a fully wrapped turban than simply find a beautiful cloth (i.e. silk) that works with your suit and wrap it around your head in the way you wish (i.e. pirates’ style).

The key is to find a way to respect your friend’s tradition in a way that you are comfortable.


Rev. Susanna