Mother of the groom, grandmothers, & godmother of the bride

[unsure] I was wondering if the mother of the groom, my grandmother, & my godmother can wear the same dress? I have already gotten their dress and my grandma has thrown a fit that she is wearing the same dress. She says its not traditional, but I have been to weddings where the mothers have worn the same dress. What colors are traditional for the mothers to wear? I have suggested that she take hers back.

The bride, Sadina Phillips

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Sadina,

No, they don’t wear the same dress. This would create an impression that they are attendants in your wedding.

The MOG wears an outfit similar to the MOB. The MOB purchases hers first and lets the MOG know what it is. She then chooses an outfit with colors that coordinate with the MOB. For example, the MOB’s dress is silver, so the MOG might choose a dress with silver and pink (if pink is one of your colors) in it. Their dresses should be the same length and formality.

The grandmothers and godmothers choose their own dresses in any color and style. It is their choice what color they want to wear.

Best wishes,