Against Destination Weddings: Tying The Knot Close To Home

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Style Me Pretty

Choosing a wedding venue can be a (literal) journey of discovery or terror, and for many couples finding a space that is both beautiful and affordable can be tricky. Back in May I shared some tips for planning a destination wedding, an increasingly popular choice among British couples. Many cited ease of planning, cost efficiency, probability of sunshine, and the intimacy of a small ceremony as the top reasons for destination weddings. That said, many of these factors can be accounted for much closer to home.

Travelling Expenses

For destination weddings, while many venues especially in Europe may take some of the stress and expense out of planning by offering package deals, the number one expense will still be travel. A particularly faraway destination will incur extra travel costs, therefore minimizing the number of guests you can invite, while even venues fewer shores away will still mean that guests have to account for passports, transport costs, currency transfer fees, extra overnight accommodation, and travel insurance lest any accidents or health problems arise. It is important especially to make sure that costs do not prevent any of the wedding party from attending!

Planning for Everything

The rom-com concept of a ‘Bridezilla’ planning every tiny detail for their wedding may be a comic exaggeration, but the basis exists for a reason. In many ways it can be easier to plan a wedding within the UK: you minimise errors in translation, transport is easier and many guests can arrange group transport, and unless you have family arriving from abroad, there is no jet lag to account for to hinder the ceremony. Additionally, visiting venues is easier so you can check that everything is to your specifications, and ask questions as you go to glean as much information as possible.

Embracing the Local

A huge advantage of keeping your wedding in the country is that your prior knowledge is a huge help to you when choosing venues. Have a think about places you’ve enjoyed visiting or that are significant to you both and think about how to incorporate them – from having whimsical woodland ceremonies that evoke nostalgia for your childhoods, to looking into venues with a story to tell. For example, One Events have a range of beautiful listed buildings in London available as venues, with different rooms each with their own fascinating history to add something extra to your ceremony.