flowers to add colour to silver and ivory wedding decorations


After a slight disaster with my ‘red’ bridesmaid dresses turning out a strange shade somewhere between red and pink, I have decided to make everything else ivory or silver. Our bouquets, men’s cravats and button holes are going to be ivory (rather than red) to avoid any colour clashes but I would like to add some colour to my reception. I am having on tall silver candelabras decorated with flowers. I just wondered what you thought about adding some colour to the flowers, rather than having just ivory. My chair sashes are silver and the stationery is white with silver ribbon.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Angie Zimmerman

Hi Kate, It sounds like you have a wide open option of colors to work with. Of course you can add color. The silver, ivory, white theme is very simple and elegant. What are you trying to accomplish with your wedding theme? Are you going for simple and elegant? Do you want fun, upscale, festive? Find the adjectives that you would use to describe your wedding and then the flower colors can follow. What kind of colors are included in the venue – carpet, drapes, surrounding landscape? These are all things to take into consideration. Send me more information and I can be more specific.

Kate E

I hope these images of the room are clear enough. One shows it set up for the ceremony and the other is of the reception. It is a wood panelled room with plum (or mauve) curtains, wooden floors, lots of windows so quite light and gold chandeliers.
The venue is in the peak District so lots of rolling hills.

I like the idea of simple, elegant and stylish.

Thank you!
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Angie Zimmerman

Hi Kate,

I’d love to see an image of the dress color as well. Without seeing that, it really sounds like your best option would be to incorporate some of the red color into your centerpieces. Are you doing them or hiring them done? Did you pick out the style of centerpieces you want? You mentioned silver candelabras, so I would assume you want to put something in the center of the candelabras, which is a very elegant look. If you want to make it more stylish, you could make large pomander balls to sit on top of the candelabras. Or, dendrobium orchids in a round shaped centerpiece would be gorgeous on top of candelabras. I am attaching a photo of dendrobium orchids in a round shape that could sit on top of the candelabras. Dendrobium orchids come in white, purple, a fuschia (kind of a pinky purple color) and green with mauvy/pinky centers. The photo contains the fuschia and dark purple dendrobium orchids. In the photo they are sitting on top of a tall clear vase, but it is super easy to sit these on top of candelabras. Most candelabras have a center that converts for holding flowers.


Kate E

Thank you for your suggestions.

The colour of the dress doesn’t match any other colour I can find. I took it to the florist who is doing my flowers and centrepieces and it was unlike any flower colour in the whole shop! It looks pink next to red but doesn’t match pink shades either.

The silver candelabras are going to have gerberas decorating them, and they’ll be ivory as it stands now with green foliage.

I think it will look nice , my only concern is that it will lack colour. But I would rather that than have colours clashing!

I’m just wondering whether different reds and pinks would work in the centrepieces.


Angie Zimmerman

Hi Kate, The short answer is YES, you can mix and match shades of reds and pinks. Here is a mini lesson is color theory…red is a primary color. You can make tones and tints of red by adding white or black. So red that has white added to it will become pink and red that has black added to it will become burgundy. And all the shades in between are variations of how much white or black is added to the base color.

You can also use contrasting colors and neighboring colors and the bottom line, you can mix and match a lot of colors with red that look great.

As I said before, white and ivory are the most elegant colors you can use in floral design.

You could easily add in some tropical shades of pink. For a different look you could mix reds with oranges and yellows. You could even mix red with blues.

The decision is yours, my dear. Colors don’t have to match and often you will get a better look by using colors that compliment one another versus matching exactly. And, when you throw in a color that is completely opposite, you get a huge POP that often is fabulous. Think red with turquoise blue!

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What a beautiful setting!

Many people are afraid to add color for fear of clashing but this is not the case. Feel free to add a combination of all of the shades of red. Use coral, orange, pink, and rose flowers. Red is a primary color so any orange, pink etc is made with red. This is why they all work together. Throw in some yellow and white. This will create drama while combining the color of the dresses. Check with your Florist as to what flowers are in season. Many non-domestic varieties have a combination of colors in their petals which may look just like the dress color. I see you’ve brought a swatch of the dresses to the Florist but try again and let them show you what’s available. You will be pleasantly surprised at the feeling the combined colors selected will evoke. (see attachment)

Use hurricane glass in yellow or green to coordinate with the green foliage and set the candle inside which will evoke a glimmer of color and create warmth to your setting.

Enjoy whatever colors you create! It’s your day!!

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