Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

Planning a wedding can feel like one endless to-do list. A venue needs to be found, a photographer booked, which flowers should I choose, how will I wear my hair; the list can seem endless. One thing you must remember is to choose your wedding rings. This may seem like one of the simpler of tasks, however, you will be wearing these rings for the rest of your life so it is vital you get this right. There is so much choice out there that finding those perfect rings can soon turn into a daunting task.

Where should I begin?

Choosing a wedding ring for a lady is often easier than for a man as the wedding ring can be matched to your engagement ring. Some engagement rings are ‘wed-fit’. This means that the stone is raised for a wedding ring to fit in nicely underneath. If the stone of your engagement ring is set lower you will need to choose a ring design which is shaped to fit comfortably next to your engagement ring.

Which metal should I choose?

There are many different materials that can be used to make wedding rings, and your choice of material can depend on your lifestyle as some are stronger than others. Gold has been a popular metal for wedding rings for many years, especially because of its natural value and attractiveness. White gold is also increasing in popularity; however, rings made from this metal require more maintenance as they can wear more easily.

Another metal which has been a favourite for some time is silver. This attractive white metal is relatively inexpensive compared to gold; however it can be easily scratched and wears thin over time. If you want a more durable ring; titanium, tungsten or zirconium are your best choice, these are increasingly popular among men and are also hypoallergenic and lightweight.

If you love the look of silver but need something more durable then Platinum would be the perfect choice. Platinum has become increasingly popular over the past twenty years, although they are relatively expensive.

It is however, advisable that you choose a wedding ring made from the same material as your engagement ring as the stronger metal can wear the weaker one down.

Are there different designs I can choose ?

The next step is to decide which design you would like. There are many different ones to choose from; such as plain, Celtic, diamond set and two tone. You and your partner could have matching designs or different, it is entirely up to you. You may also wish to add a special message to one-another on your rings and have them engraved.

Seems pretty simple — but don’t leave this task till last. Give yourselves lots of time to decide on just the right rings for you both! Happy ring shopping!