Las Vegas wedding 2

We’re going to take into account some other things that involve a Las Vegas wedding and we’re certain that you feel interested of the things exposed here. Have no fear! You’re going to receive all the right information that you need to hear about and maybe you’re going to apply for such a wedding, because after all it’s cheaper.

The suit of the groom as well as the bride’s dress can be found there and the best part is that you can rent them and you will have the price included in the wedding’s price. Don’t think that you have to choose between 10 standard models. There are over 500 bridal dresses and groom suits that are available just for you and this is only if you want to make everything spontaneous.

You also have to renounce to the idea of renting a limo, a chariot or something like that, these being mains of transporting yourself from the church and back. You can apply for a wedding package that includes the famous pink Cadillac and a standard limo.

It’s not necessary to get married in one of the chapels in Las Vegas; you can do this thing somewhere high in the sky. You can rent a helicopter and let yourself be carried over the town and you can unite your destinies there. If you want to stay for a couple of days in Las Vegas for the honeymoon you can acquire a package that includes rooms at the finest hotels in this city of lights.

One of the prettiest chapels in which you can get married in Las Vegas is the Graceland Wedding Chapel, it’s an intimate space and it’s not that extended and so many couples have united their destinies there and also famous couples as well.

We found out some details concerning the prices and we have to share them with you definitely. you have to know that a traditional package is $199 and it includes the use of the chapel, traditional music, some professional photos, the certificate of marriage and a rose bouquet.

The most expensive wedding package costs around $500 and it includes next to the elements that we’ve mentioned previously: a compete set of professional photos, a DVD with footage from your ceremony, cockade for the best man and the bridesmaid and transport with limo.

What do you need when it comes to papers? Well, you definitely need a marriage license from the state of Nevada, which costs around $60. In order to obtain this license you need your birth certificate, passport and ID. We wish you all the luck in the world when it comes to a successful wedding in Las Vegas.