Five of the Best Wedding Venues in Kent

There are literally thousands upon thousands of places that would frame the perfect setting for a wedding in Kent. If you are planning your big day and are at a loss as to where you would like to hold the ceremony and reception, perhaps it would be best to start with a general idea as to the types of venues available.

Some couples want the thrill of a big city wedding with all the noise, crowds and entertainment whilst others prefer a more subdued venue such as in a gloriously green and peaceful meadow at a country manor. Here are some ideas which can be just what you are looking for.

Mingling with the Gentry at Manor Houses

Today’s culture does not hold fast to lines of class as had been the case in generations gone by, but there is still something almost magical about great manor houses in the UK. Getting married and honeymooning at a manor house in Kent offers a taste of class otherwise not experienced in 21st Century lifestyles. Many country houses have accommodations for guests to stay as well, but numbers may be limited due to size restrictions. For smaller wedding parties, these are ideal options.

photo credit: Ziel vor Augen via photopin (license)
photo credit: Ziel vor Augen via photopin (license)

Golf Clubs for a Bit of Daytime Sport

So often we make jokes about post-ceremony night time sports that we forget about the fact that a wedding venue can also offer daytime sporting for the happy couple and guests alike. Many of Kent’s golf clubs can be bespoke for weddings if booked in advance and these can also offer accommodations for a number of people who actually want to stay on a day or two to enjoy the course whilst getting a bit of R&R at the same time. You’d be surprised at just how many people enjoy a good game of golf!

photo credit: Spanish Hills Country Club, Camarillo, California golf course via photopin (license)
photo credit: Spanish Hills Country Club, Camarillo, California golf course via photopin (license)

Rural Beauty in Country Hotels & Historic Inns

Those who are looking for a touch of natural beauty alongside some of Kent’s most notable historical places might want to consider wedding venues that include a 15th century touch, such as those in Maidstone. For smaller to mid-sized weddings, accommodating up to 50 or 60 guests, this would be the ideal setting. Many have facilities indoors to hold the ceremony whilst others also have settings in the gazebo or by lovely water fountains outdoors in their lush gardens.

photo credit: Leeds Castle 22-04-2012 via photopin (license)
photo credit: Leeds Castle 22-04-2012 via photopin (license)

Feel Like a Princess – Castles for Wedding Venues

Not only are Kent’s castles listed on the national registry as historical sites, but they are marvellous places to host a wedding. Any bride would feel like a princess when given the opportunity to speak her vows in a castle where countless noblemen and women walked the very same path over the centuries. Most castles in Kent still have surviving abbeys or chapels attached to them where the actual ceremony could be held whilst guests could be housed within the castle keep itself.

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Back to Nature in Converted Barns or Wildlife Parks

So many people who live in cities throughout the UK desire nothing more than a chance to get back to nature for a breath of fresh air. What a lovely setting for a wedding venue in a converted barn or wildlife park. Some venues have accommodations on site whereas other venues may be open only for the ceremony itself with accommodations nearby for the newlywed couple and/or guests. To get a better idea of what is available in this particular niche, visit wedding venues in Kent by

So you see, there are innumerable venues in Kent to host the wedding of your dreams. It just takes a bit of imagination and inspiration. Once you know your desired setting, you can find a particular venue that meets your needs. Since your choices are almost endless, sit back, relax and enjoy the search.