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My daughter has a limited budget for the reception and can only invite a certain number of guests to the wedding (with dinner reception to follow). We would like to send separate invitations to wedding guests but also want to include friends and family in the celebration by way of a separate announcement to those we can not invite. What is the etiquette on this? Do we send announcements at the same time as the invitations? Some family friends or family located out of state will receive announcements. Is the wording of the announcement slightly different than the invitation?

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Expert Answer: Donna, Wedding Queen

Yes, everyone is feeling the economic crunch nowadays. Only send invitations to those you want to invite to the wedding, doing so at least 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding. Then, after the wedding, send wedding announcements to anyone you feel needs to know that the wedding took place. Please remember that wedding announcements do not obligate the recipient to send a wedding gift, though some may.

Here are some examples of wording for second wedding announcements but the idea is the same for first timers.

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Expert Answer: Jacqueline Vazquez, Lifetime Events by Jacqueline

I agree with the Forum Moderator. It is important to keep in mind that whether it’s the bride’s parents or the couple announcing the marriage, annoucements are recommended to be sent out immediately following the ceremony or as soon as possible.

Expert Answer: Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Let’s make it three. I agree. Announcements are sent after the wedding to only those who really need to know about the change in marital status, because these can be viewed as a plea for gifts even though the announcement does not obligate the receiver.

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Reader Response

Thank you for the replies. Since some of the family and friends all communicate with each other, would it be the polite thing to send some/or all of the announcements to family or friends not invited prior to the wedding to keep from hurting feelings? We seem to already be hurting some feelings in that family members have told someone that they are not invited, prior to the invitations even being printed. I know etiquette is one thing, but how do we balance that with people’s feelings vs. invites and announcements?

Expert Answer: Donna, Wedding Queen

That would be very confusing to send the announcements out before the wedding. You’d be essentially announcing that there is an event coming up to which the recipient is not invited. I don’t think that would be received well. Most people understand that weddings must be small these days for economic reasons. If you think these people will be waiting for invitations then maybe it would be best to contact them personally and explain. If it were me, I’d wait and send an announcement that the couple was married. Most people understand that.

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