The Wedding Planner: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to life’s most stressful events, weddings are right up there with buying a property, the death of a relative and – ironically – divorce. The stress of achieving perfection on the big day can cause sleepless nights, provoke arguments and even break up relationships. Employing a third party to plan your wedding can considerably reduce the stress of getting married – but that isn’t the only reason to call in a wedding organiser.  Here’s why a professional assistant is must for your perfect day.

Save money

Wedding planners are notorious for charging huge fees, but if you find the right person then they can save you money as well as a good deal of hassle. Look for incorporated services, such as the wedding organising service offered by larger hotels. With over 100 venues across the country and a dedicated wedding organiser who takes care of everything from personalised menus and place settings to flower arrangement and other finishing touches, it’s accessible to everybody.

Make your dreams reality

So you want live doves and a string quartet to play while the register is signed? Most people wouldn’t have the first idea how to go about turning their wedding day fantasies into reality, but a wedding planner will. If you’re unsure exactly how you want to celebrate your big day, then he or she can even help you to identify what might work for you. After all, you’re paying to enjoy the benefit of their experience.

Save time

It’s only when you begin looking into it that you realise planning a wedding is a full-time job. Putting together schedules, organising guest lists, writing invitations, attending tasting sessions with caterers, making sure the venue knows exactly what you want and when you want it – all of this takes a good deal of time and effort. Not only that, but many of the people involved in your wedding will only be available between the working hours of 9-5. That’s fine if you’re prepared to take time off to plan the big day, but most couples can’t afford the loss of income. A wedding planner can take up the slack and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Deal with crises

What happens when the florist rings you up the night before the ceremony and tells you they have the wrong date in the calendar? Situations like these inevitably crop up during the process of planning a wedding, and sometimes they can threaten to ruin your big day. A wedding planner will deal professionally with any crisis, whether it’s a tantrum-throwing bridesmaid or an absentee florist, leaving you free to get swept up in the romance of the experience.