5 Ways to Get Your Maid of Honor Involved in the Wedding Planning

Selecting a maid of honor is a fun way to honor a beloved relative or friend. Once you’ve asked, however, you may not know how to get her involved fully in the planning. While respecting that she has other things going on in her life is important, you can talk to her about how much she wants to participate.

Go Dress Shopping

Whether you’re looking at wedding robes for the bridesmaids to wear the morning of the wedding or bridesmaid dresses for the main event, involve your maid of honor in the process. When you have a large bridal party, everyone is unlikely to have the same opinion on colors and styles of the dresses. However, you can rely on your maid of honor to provide you with some honest feedback. You can also take her shopping when you go for your dress.

Let Her Plan the Bachelorette

In many cases, the maid of honor is most excited for the bachelorette party. If you maid of honor is one of those people, think about giving up control here. Since you asked to play this important role, she likely knows what you like. Give her some suggestions for the party. Let her know what you’d like to do and what you’d not like to do; then, let her plan it from there. For example, you may want stay just in and don your monogrammed robes and paint each other’s nails or you may want to go party the night and hit some clubs. No matter what it may be, just let her know, afterall, it is your night.

Taste the Food

If you are doing food tastings at different venues before picking a place for the reception, you likely want an objective opinion. When you are dazzled by the look of the reception venue and love how close it is to your ceremony space or your home, you might be unable to provide that authentic opinion. Instead of relying on your biased taste buds to guide you to a venue, bring your maid of honor along with you. Ask her to provide honest feedback about the food.

Ask for Song Suggestions

When you hire a disc jockey or a band, you are giving the professionals some level of control over what to play. In other words, it is unlikely that you will pick out literally every song to be played at the entire celebration. However, you will probably be asked to provide some songs and to suggest genres of music that your guests enjoy. Your maid of honor can help to remind you about the songs that all of your friends love to dance to.

Tackle Some Crafts

Even if you prefer to hire vendors to tackle projects for you, you are probably to find yourself with at least one craft. You can think of stuffing all of those cards into envelopes as a craft. You may also have programs to make, gifts to prepare, or just the general wedding to prepare. Asking your maid of honor for assistance can make these processes run much more smoothly.

When you want to get your maid of honor involved in the planning, you can always ask her if she wants to participate in these activities. Being the best friend that she is, she’ll definitely be more than thrilled to help you out and all you need is ask.