Cutting the Pre-Marital Tension: Humorous Ways to Uplift Your Wedding Preparations

If you’re currently engaged or about to become engaged, welcome to a wild, wonderful world of stress. Sure, planning a wedding is the happiest sort of stress, but there are better ways to approach your walk down the aisle. Humor is a wonderful tension reliever that can slice premarital tension to ribbons.

Learn to Love the Little Things

You might not think that washing a sink full of dirty dishes, dusting your cabinet tops, or folding and putting away laundry is a whole lot of fun. Stop thinking that way, says Brides magazine. Doing mundane tasks in a mindful fashion can be a zen-like experience that lessens stress and makes it easier to laugh about the inevitable goofs that will occur in the months, weeks, and days leading up to your wedding day.

Laugh Your Way to the Aisle

Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you have to act like a grownup. In fact, brides to be who yuck it up with their best friends every chance they get tend to experience a lot less tension as the big day approaches. Buy some silly bridal party shirts for your bridesmaids and wear them to your shower. Better yet, throw two wedding showers for yourself and get the most out of the rest of your carefree single life.

The Big Day

You’ve spent months planning, and now it’s the big day. Talk about a stressful situation! You and your sweetheart are eager to begin life as a married couple, but you don’t want to rush through this once-in-a-lifetime day. Slow down, breathe, and crack a few corny jokes. Many newlyweds say they wish they had slowed down and fully enjoyed the day of their nuptials, reminds Inside Weddings magazine.

Keep the morning lighthearted as you and your bridesmaids prepare for your stroll down the aisle. Prepare, print, and pass out a written schedule so nobody in the wedding party feels pressured about time. Keep an emergency kit with needle and thread, bandaids, and fingernail glue on hand. Call each member of the wedding party in the morning and wake them up with a funny joke. We do not recommend placing whoopie cushions on the pews in the church that will host your wonderful wedding.

Provide snacks and beverages to prevent grumpy bridesmaids. In fact, go ahead and offer a supply of treats and keep the music going. Don’t eat while wearing your gown, though. The

last thing you need is a stressful stain on your prettiest party dresses. Don’t put on your high heels until you’re ready to walk down the aisle. Sore feet are a special sort of stress and the last thing you want on your wedding day.

Write hilarious wedding vows. Even if you don’t use them during your nuptials, writing funny things to say before you say “I do” can be a great way to ease premarital tension.