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Wedding Proposals Do’s And Don’ts/Original Wedding Proposal Ideas

Once the decision is made that you want to marry the special person you hope to soon call your wife or husband, the next step is planning how to ask in the “right way”. Getting engaged to the love of your life is a huge milestone and careful consideration should go into how you get down on one knee to pop the question.

The Do’s of Proposing

Make It Meaningful – This is the time to think back to the most notable moments in your relationship such as where your first met, your first kiss, favorite places, or specific songs that can add a special touch to your proposal.

Test The Waters – Before proposing, a discussion should take place about getting married. You want to ensure that marriage is something both of you want and that there is agreement on major issues such as children. In this sense, you do not want your partner to be taken completely off guard.

Make It A Surprise – While a discussion over marriage should take place beforehand, the proposal itself should be a surprise. If you aren’t typically “romantic” then don’t plan a special date out of the blue. It will be an easy giveaway. Try to use tactics as a decoy such as a friend or mundane task.

Hire A Proposal Planner – Many people do not realize that proposal planners exist, yet they can be your biggest ally in helping you avoid any mistakes and keep your plan running smoothly. They are a great option for individuals who experience anxiety or who are worried that they won’t be able to execute their plan flawlessly. You can discuss or hire these from sites like the heart bandits or Hiresquare if you are in Australia.

Find The Right Engagement Ring – Some individuals are very particular about their jewelry and may wish to be a part of the process. If you choose to pick out the ring yourself, make sure that you ask people closest to them about their style or casually window shop for rings as you walk past stores.

The Don’ts of Proposing

Propose Too Early In The Relationship – Most relationships start off as a lustful endeavor but you want to make sure you know each other well enough before you decide to make each other life partners. Wait until the relationship is stable before popping the question.

Make It Complicated – Keep the focal point on what really matters. Many people make the mistake of going over the top with their proposal, which takes away from the purpose itself. Be unique and creative, yet simple.

Hide The Ring In Food – This is a technique commonly seen in movies and on television, but please do not fall victim to this proposal idea. Not only can many things go wrong with this, but it lacks creativity.

Make It Public – Unless your significant other wants this type of flashy proposal, it should be intimate and personal. The magical moment should occur between the both of you and not the strangers at a sports venue.

Come Unprepared – Waiting until the last minute to start thinking about your proposal will only sabotage the engagement. Special touches need to be incorporated and well thought-out. Winging it can cause undue anxiety and will take away from the magic that should come from popping the question.