Top 5 tips for celebrating your engagement party in style

So you’re doing the big adult thing and going to get married! Congratulations. Well, it’s either that or a friend of yours is getting hitched and you’re one of the people responsible for making sure that they have a great time at their engagement party. Well, that is why you’re looking for the top five tips for celebrating your engagement party in style isn’t it? So when I had my wedding recently, I spent a lot of time planning the engagement party, knowing that not everyone who came to the engagement was going to make it to the wedding. I wanted the engagement to be as special as the wedding reception for a variety of reasons, not least of all that I am the party friend and just love the whole deal of getting dressed up and planning a celebration. So anyway, I want to share my top tips on how to throw the perfect – and stylish – wedding engagement party in the hopes that it helps you have the perfect party too.

Step One – Stay true to your own personal style and flair
There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at your own party – and the only way that you’re going to feel uncomfortable is if you do something that you’re not comfortable with. Vis a vis if you go for a sleek black and white theme and you’re a checks and hay bales kinda couple, you’re not going to have a very comfortable and good time. Don’t worry about what’s trending in the bridal magazines – simply stick to your roots and just inject style into that. You’ll have the best time if you do.

Step Two –  Inject love into the little things
You might have seen those massive letters spelling out the names of the bride and groom and thought, geeze – I wonder where on earth do I get my hands on something like that!? Well, the good news is – it’s easy. I had them for my wedding and they were a huge hit. I got these Love Letters in Perth and the company I dealt with (Light Up Letter Co) were great. Perfect for adding a little bit of style and flair.

Step Three – Figure out a theme
If you’re going to be having a theme that carries across from your engagement party to your wedding, then that will be something to think about. Also, if you are going to have a theme and want your guests to be coming along and all dressed up too, then you need to ensure that you give people plenty of warning.

Step Four – Set the budget for the event
Make sure that the budget that you and your partner choose for your special event matches the financial commitment that you’re willing to make. Too little and you might feel that it wasn’t special enough – too much and you might resent the amount you end up spending on the party. Pick a budget that matches your abilities and then get creative with the food and drinks.

Step Five – Don’t forget to have a great time
No, seriously. Lots of blogs like this will advocate letting your hair down but the fact remains that a lot of nervous brides to be will spend all night fretting about things going well and not enjoy the evening. To take the pressure off you, you need to appoint someone who can act as your liaison with the venue manager so that if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to even know about it. You can just enjoy the night and get cozy with your spouse to be!