Wedding shower desserts

Wedding shower desserts can turn out to be really important in a wedding. The main thing is that you take into account their aspect. You just don’t know how precious they have to look and really cute in the same time in order to be eaten better.

wedding shower desserts

So, what’s the simplest option that you can take into account? We were thinking of muffins adorned with different creams and they can definitely be used for wedding shower desserts. You can apply for making these brown or in chocolate tone and with differently colored creams on top and above these creams apply for using a flower bud made of sweet ingredients.
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Shall we continue with some other suggestions of wedding shower desserts? Well, we were thinking even of fruits with cream, like strawberries with whipped cream on top and they can be taken with the help of sticks. There’s also the option of pieces of cake and different types of pie, cut in a square format and make sure that you place a flower detail on top in order to make them look even more tempting and delicious…. Sticks filled with chocolate, like the Viennese waffles seem to be another great option to be taken into account!

wedding shower desserts 2

Nuts and almonds in sugar and caramelized and placed on top of pies seem a good option to be taken into account as well. So, there’s the option in which you can make a large cake with these caramelized nuts and almonds and then cut this cake into small pieces, like square or any other shape you like.

wedding shower desserts 3

As wedding shower desserts we suggest you to take into account chocolate bonbons placed in thin papers. So, you can use these chocolate bonbons and place them on the tables in order for these to be consumed by the guests. We’re certain that this idea didn’t come into your mind.

wedding shower desserts 4

If you like white that much then you can apply for small cookies made in white and covered with glaze and in the same time you can add some thin details made of coconut. Insert in these sweets some sticks in order for them to be consumed faster and let’s also mention about the small cookies made in shapes of flower buds.

wedding shower desserts 5

No matter on what you decide to apply for, make sure that the aspect of the wedding shower desserts is flawless. This is the most important thing – they have to be like a part of the piece of décor and this will make them look extra interesting together, like an entire.