Funny wedding cakes

Because the wedding cake is the most awaited element of the menu we thought it would be nice to come up with a few ideas (and suggestions) as to what would make this equally important and delicious piece stand out. And in order to do so, we did some research and found out that the best thing to go for is a funny wedding cake.
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But the creativity of the bakers can exceed the expectations in many ways, so, it will be a difficult task to try to decide upon that one cake that best defines you as a couple. Before getting overwhelmed by the multitude of options that surround you, take a look at the cakes we found interesting and worthy of your attention.

funny wedding cakes

The first cake design is funny mainly because it is well… true. Disregarding the Scottish kilt (the groom can wear anything else, really) that is the perfect depiction of the after-wedding scene. It is also a funny way of telling your guests you can hardly wait until all the fuzz of the wedding is over to be in a more relaxed frame, just the two of you and a bottle of champagne (or two). You can observe that the dimensions of the cake are not big, having only two tiers, and this makes it perfect for a small wedding with the closest of your family and friends.

Another cake design that we thought fit to talk about is the one in the image below. And – if the picture does not speak loud enough – we are there to add some words of our own. Not too many, though. It is a cake that mocks marital disputes and exclusively dedicated to the ones who can recognize a hyperbola when they see one. Well, it is actually very simple to find out whether this kind of cake is for you or not. Just look at the photo and see if it puts a smile on your face. Choose according to your answer.

funny wedding cakes2

Now, our third and last suggestion is the perfect image of how much did the just-married couple enjoy their big day. And there is no better way of telling that to your guests than putting it on the design of the cake for everyone to see and smile. If you find yourself overly excited about your wedding day, then this is the best way of expressing your enthusiasm.

funny wedding cakes3

So, obtaining a funny wedding cake is not that hard after all, if you put things in perspective and think about funny situations that occur in the life of a married couple. Our last piece of advice to you is: be original.