Hunter wedding tops

Up to this moment you’ve got some neat examples regarding funny wedding tops with different themes. We’re going to continue in the same tone and we’ve got a topic that will certainly be a feast to your eyes…. So here it is and it regards the hunter wedding cake toppers!

Most of these tops that have this theme concern only the man, because these are born hunters and the women have another thing that represent them and so you’ll going to see in our examples that are illustrated also.

hunter wedding tops

Our first example concerns a wedding cake top that is composed of a man and a woman of course. The man is dressed in a camouflage suit with a cap on his head and a hunting gun in his hand. The bride is dressed in a normal way, like an ordinary bride and the bouquet seems to fit with the man’s costume, she has besides her a dog and we’re happy that this time there aren’t any shopping bags….
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There is another interesting wedding cake top: the couple and what united them together is the hunting cap. The man wears a hunting gun in his hand and she has a bag in her hand. Also besides the couple there is a dog that has also a hunting cap on his head and something in his mouth. This topper is indeed funny and we recommend it if you decide on such a theme in your wedding day.

hunter wedding tops2

There can be also another such model: the normal bride, dressed in her gown and next to her is the groom who is dressed entirely in camouflage clothes and has an arch in his hand; the bride has the bouquet in her hand, and let’s not forget about his cap in the same colors of the entire costume.

hunter wedding tops3

Similar to the topper presented previously is this one: the normal couple and this time the bride has too something camouflage in her clothing, it’s the wedding veil that has those specific colors; the groom has a camouflage truck suit and that cap we’ve mentioned above repeatedly, the gun is another element that shouldn’t miss and the dog neither: the dog has the same hat and also a piece of stake in his mouth.

hunter wedding tops4

At the couple’s feet there are some bullets that express the fact that the couple was successful in their hunting experience!

The last example of hunter wedding cake tops represents the same wedded couple we’ve been mentioning up to this moment and this time it has different elements.

hunter wedding tops5

The bride wears a veil that indicates the fact that she is a nurse, the groom wears a normal suit and his hat is camouflage material and let’s also mention the fact that he has at his feet some horns that indicate the fact that he was successful in his hunting activity; the bride has next to her a bag with “I love shopping” logo and there are some bullets too around them…. Quite an interesting wedding top, isn’t it?