Wedding cakes and desserts

The wedding cakes and desserts shouldn’t be omitted, these are very important whenever it comes to offering a good moment for the guests, one in which they can enjoy a good piece of cake, a tasty one and the sweets that you put on the table should be also really tasty and delicious. We were thinking to mention some models of wedding cakes and in parallel mentioning some words about deserts and what’s popular whenever it comes to this “category”.

wedding cakes and desserts

Let’s start with some wedding cakes, shall we? Well, in case you’re into the minimalist themes and motifs for the cakes and in the same time you want to add a touch of freshness as well, we were thinking of sharing with you an interesting example of wedding cake, a white wedding cake made with nice details and in the same time it can’t be compared to any other models that you may have seen up to this moment.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
It’s a rather big wedding cake and in the same time it’s made of two round layers with pearl details all around. At the basis of each layer you can observe a black and white layer, which seems to imitate a ribbon and it ends tied up with a bow. On the top side you can observe a green layer made of chrysanthemum flowers – designed in sweet ingredients. How about that? Do all these details seem interesting enough to be taken into account? We think that the answer is positive for sure.

As we mentioned in the start about wedding cakes and desserts, we think that it would be interesting enough to continue with mentioning some words about deserts. It’s normal enough to place on the table some sweet details that are going to enchant the guests and in the same time let’s also mention that the wedding cake is as important as these details, because it needs to feast the mouths of those participating and cutting the wedding cake is in the same time a ritual, a portion of the wedding which involves the guests and the happily wedded couple.

wedding cakes and desserts 2

If you don’t like the idea of offering deserts to the guests and you want only to rely on the wedding cake – because you think that this is too much – then we recommend you also to take into account the option of adding fruits on the table or a fruit salad or ice cream as desert seems a great option as well. Take into account all of these and in the end you’re going to end up winning!

Also, decide whether you want to apply for wedding cakes and desserts simultaneously and make sure you arrange all the money in the pockets and in the wallet.