Minimalist wedding cakes examples

We promised to offer you some interesting examples of wedding cakes and we’re back with these examples so that you can make a general idea and maybe get the most gorgeous wedding cake that has ever been seen. We hope that you enjoyed reading our examples up to this moment and you can be certain that you’re going to like these as well.

Also, in order to have a gorgeous wedding cake this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to apply for pompous cakes or weird models. Think of something simple, something minimalist that has never been seen in any other wedding and that you really wish to impress your guests with. So how about that?

minimalist wedding cakes examples

We start with our first example of minimalist wedding cake and this one is designed in two white layers and round in the same time. The white tone that you can observe on this cake is a matte one and it looks really delicious in the same time.
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Around every layer you can observe some thin stripes placed around and these look similar to ribbons. These pink ribbons are combined with white ones and you can see some ribbons placed on them as well. So, how does this wedding cake sound to you? Let’s also mention that on top of it you can observe a pink rose bouquet that is probably made of sweet ingredients and these roses have some leaves underneath them as well. Quite a marvelous combination of details if you ask us: simple and good looking in the same time.

We continue our list of minimalist wedding cakes with a delicious one, which is made of chocolate and it’s really refined looking in the same time and elegant in the same time. This one is made of three squared layers made of black chocolate and these have at their bottom a pink portion made in the format of a ribbon.

minimalist wedding cakes examples 2

On every layer, besides the white portion that we’ve just mentioned above you can observe three small pink pearls that look really neat in combination with the other elements. The cherry on the cake, if we can say in this way is represented by a branch of pink roses made of sweet ingredients. These roses look really vivid and we’re sure that you’re going to remain pretty impressed of the suggestions that we’ve offered here.

Be sure that you’re going to receive some other examples in the future time and we’re sure that these are going to be as delicious and precious looking as these two.