Advice for wedding cakes

Minimalist wedding cakes look scrumptious and really interesting in the same time. It would be really nice to apply for one of these examples- the ones in the future lines- because we’ve been browsing for more and more interesting images and examples and it would be a pity for you not to apply for these.

So, we start with presenting you a white and red wedding cake that is made in three squared layers. Every layer has at the basis a white line and all around you can observe white pearls applied in order to create a nice visual effect. As you can observe, these are only neat examples that we’re sure you’re going to find really interesting and if we come to think of it such a cake isn’t expensive at all.

advice for wedding cakes

Here’s another delicious looking wedding cake that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy reading about pretty much. This one is made of two round layers that have a brown background and we’re sure that it’s made of chocolate. You can observe on the margins of the basic layer small balls that are probably made of chocolate and these imitate pearls and they’re looking really nice.

advice for wedding cakes 2

The upper layer has wavy lines and circles on it in a light color and this creates a really interesting visual effect. As for the superior side, this one is composed of a ribbons made of threads of chocolate and if you look attentively this minimalistic wedding cake looks as if it’s a present! Indeed, an interesting model as well….
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Here’s a cute blue cake that looks really interesting and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy reading about. This one has a really precious look, with a blue background and white wavy and thin lines on the margins of every layer. At the bottom of every layer you can observe a white layer that seems to imitate a ribbon and it ends tied up with a bow. Quite cute if you ask us. On top, on the final layer you can see a big ribbon that is made in nice layers and we’re sure that this sounds pretty exquisite and it looks in the same time in this way.

advice for wedding cakes 3

We’re sure that you’ve enjoyed reading about the examples exposed here and be sure that in the future time you’re going to read about many more. These are really interesting looking and we will try to bring you others looking as cool as these ones.