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Should We Put “And Guest” On Wedding Invitation Outer Envelopes

Question About Addressing Outer Envelopes

Hello! We are having a casual BBQ reception and our invitations only have outer envelopes. Our reply cards will ask for the number of people attending. Should we put “and Guest” on the outer envelope when sending an invitation to singles or people with significant others who we have not met?

Thank you for your assistance.


Jay Remer, The Etiquette Guy, International Protocol and Corporate & Social Etiquette

As with any invitation, the people to whom the invitation is addressed are those who may attend. If you omit ‘and guest’, no ‘guest’ would be invited. Therefore, yes is the short answer. Have a wonderful BBQ and congratulations!

Donna, Wedding Queen

I would not write “and guest” on the outer envelope. For informal invitations you could write the names of those invited directly on the reply card. Be sure to try to get the name of the guest and use it.

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Reader Response

Wedding Queen, If we don’t put “and Guest” on the outer envelope, how would we let single people know that we are happy for them to bring a friend or date of their choosing? Thank you for your advice, Melissa

Donna, Wedding Queen

You can include that information on an enclosure (the reply car or a note). Be advised that writing, “and guest” opens the guest up to bring anyone they like. If you don’t want complete strangers at your wedding, be sure to find out the name of the guest and write his/her name on the enclosure. It’s also nice to have the guests’ names for the seating arrangements.

Jodi R R Smith, The Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting
Author, The Etiquette Book, A Complete Guide To Modern Manners

Yes, even for a casual event, do take the time to find out if your singles have a significant other. If so, include the name, if not, you can call the guest to say if he/she would like to bring a friend, he/she may do so.

I wish you all the best~

Thanks to all for your advice!