A guide to planning your Winter wedding to perfection


There is something about winter weddings that evoke a sense of magic and mystery in even the most mature of us. As it is more common for couples to host their weddings in the summertime, many of us may have not had the chance to attend a winter wedding, let alone know how to plan for one. Tips are scarce when it comes to a frosty celebration, but that is going to change today – the time has come to make sure your winter wedding is even more memorable than its more common summer sibling.

Follow this guide to planning your winter wedding to perfection and host one of the most memorable mid-year wedding events that everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year!

1. Light It Up!

As the days in winter are shorter and darker, it is important to have sufficient and adequate lighting at your winter wedding. It is advisable to hold your ceremony a little earlier than you would in the summertime, to fully utilise all the sunlight that you possibly can. Once the sun has set, you want to make sure that your venue is well lit for both visual and photography purposes. One great thing about winter weddings is how magical it can look with appropriate fairy lighting and tealights.

2. Go Wintery With Your Wedding Favours

Another plus of a winter wedding is being able to hand out wedding favours that differ from the norm. Including blankets or pashminas, sparklers, warm spiced cookies, mulled wine spices or little bottles of warm alcohol are all very cute and doable winter wedding favour options that will be remembered for a long time to come!

3. Warmth And Weather

The weather is often unpredictable during winter – it can start pouring rain at any moment, or sometimes the wind starts howling like a wolf out of nowhere. It is important to familiarise yourself with the weather for the day – look on weather applications and websites. Once you know what to expect, check with your venue ahead of time to make sure the building will have had time to warm up before your ceremony. According to a company that specialises in marquee hire in Melbourne, many choose to set up marquees at winter weddings just in case the rain decides to pay them a surprise visit. There is nothing worse than guests not being able to concentrate or pay attention because they are wet and freezing their socks off!

4. Pay Attention To Those Winter Coats!

As most of your guests will be arriving at your winter wedding in a cover up or coat, make sure to have someone in charge of collecting coats at your reception and making sure that they are kept safe and available for collection at any point during the ceremony or reception.

5. Flowers

Unfortunately, certain flowers will not be in season during Winter – but don’t let this get you down! Talk to your florist about what flowers are in season during winter, and work from there. You will be surprised at how many beautiful flowers (that you would not have even thought about) are available during the colder months. Greenery like eucalyptus leaves lend itself well to a winter wedding, and branches can be inexpensive and elegant centrepieces.

6. Keep Your Guests Warm And Toasty!

Consider making an effort to ensure that your guests are kept warm and cheery upon arrival. A hot drink such as warm tea on arrival is a nice and simple idea, and another fantastic idea is to provide each guest with a pair of pocket warmers. On top of that, having pashminas in baskets or on chair backs for guests can be a great idea in case they start to feel a little chilly.

7. Don’t Forget Cocktail Hour!

Winter is the perfect time to spruce up that boring old cocktail menu that everyone else uses at their weddings. For a winter wedding, you will want to serve drinks that fit the season. In addition to the usual lager, wine and standard cocktails, be sure to include a choice of warm drinks such as Irish coffee, Hot Chocolate, Espresso, and Boozy White Hot Chocolate. Make sure there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices, so that there is something for everyone!

Always remember, winter weddings can be one of the most stunning and memorable events that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come. With both this guide to planning your winter wedding to perfection and a little research, you too can have the magical wedding of your dreams!