When It Comes to Your Wedding, Size Does Matter

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Most couples just accept the fact that the big day is about everyone else and not them. You’ll have your whole lives together and you shouldn’t be selfish, plus the descending throngs can’t wait to see you tie the knot and love a good booze-up. Rubbish! The wedding day should absolutely be about the bride and groom, but how you can make it all about you, when there are 250 people munching their way through five courses at the reception? If you’ve set the date, here are some compelling reasons for keeping your nuptials cosy.


It’s stating the obvious but by keeping your wedding small, you (or your parents) can literally save thousands of pounds. This way you could have money for a house deposit or splurge on the honeymoon.

And by not spending the entire wedding budget on a large reception, you could choose to use the extra cash by making the meal extraordinary, hiring a fantastic band or even upscaling your wedding gown.

Natural Selection

What could be nicer than saying ‘I do’ before a handful of people that mean the most to you? Having a small scale ceremony, means that close friends and family are theyre because they truly want to share your happiest day, and not because they feel obligated or because they’ll go anywhere for a free lunch. You might feel a tinge of guilt by not inviting Great Uncle Filbert, but you’ll get over it and so will he. You’ll be far more relaxed, plus it should feel more like a celebration, rather than a West End show.


Having a small number of guests means your options open up significantly; it might even be possible to have your wedding at home, in a modest-sized garden, without needing to hire a marquee or table linens, etc. You could enquire at that restaurant where you had your first date, or take it all to the beach and do it picnic style.

More Time

How nice would it be to actually spend time with everyone, rather than ping ponging from guest to guest, saying a brief hello before dashing off to the next? You won’t end up frazzled by the end and your guests will all feel appreciated.


Keeping it intimate will give you the opportunity to come up with an original concept that you can control. The only wedding planner you’ll need is you, (and possibly your intended, if you feel you can work together). Removing the WP means more savings too. And whereas a wacky or avante garde wedding would be difficult to pull off on a grand scale, you’ll be able to get as ‘out there’ as you like, possibly even getting your guests involved. There’ll be no forgetting your wedding.

With so many reasons why a large scale wedding is less enjoyable, why not be brave and keep it small!