butterfly wedding
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Want a Butterfly Wedding? Here Are Some Ideas |Butterfly Wedding Theme

butterfly wedding
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/226024475020975704/

Butterflies have become a popular decorating theme for weddings recently, which is hardly surprising – butterflies are a symbol of new beginnings and convey a sense of beauty, grace, romance and whimsy and, therefore, can help set a wonderful tone for a wedding!  Butterflies are also common symbols of nature, so for a green-themed or eco-friendly wedding they can provide a sense of reverence for the environment.  The bride planning a butterfly themed wedding has many options for using them – in bridal jewelry including tiaras, hair pins and earrings, wedding favors, clothing and stationery –  just to name a few!

butterfly themed wedding
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Here are just a few ideas for the many possible ways of using butterflies in your wedding:

  • Wedding and shower invitations, and thank you notes shaped like butterflies or with an array of artistically created butterflies embossed, drawn or printed
  • Butterfly wedding garters can be bought or made simply using a regular garter and attaching a butterfly applique and some ribbon.
  • Butterfly-shaped chocolates wrapped in custom-color foil, and given as wedding favors in butterfly favor boxes
  • Butterfly place card holders can double as decorations and take home favors used for important notes or favorite desk photos.
  • Butterfly toasting flutes
  • Butterfly wedding cake topper or cake knife and server set
  • Butterfly floating candles, placed in bowls of water as reception centerpieces  and decorations
  • Butterfly candles and candle holders can, again, be used to jazz up your reception table decor.
  • Delectable butterfly cookies make great favors as well as table decorations no guest can resist.
  • Butterfly flip flops – give the ladies in the bridal party a cute and welcome alternative to their fancy high heels!
  • Butterfly “stems” placed in flower arrangements
  • Butterflies themed wedding accessory set
  • If you’re a crafty, DIY sorta bride, try making cut outs of color coordinating butterflies and adorn with jewels, glitter and/or ribbons and then attach to the backs of your wedding chair covers. These can be made with fancy papers, fabrics or tulle and ribbon.
  • A live butterfly release after the ceremony is done according to an old Indian legend of wish fulfilling and is appropriate for those eco-friendly weddings where leaving paper confetti behind or rice which could choke birds is a no-no. Not into the live animal thing? Okay, try these butterfly bubbles which you can also make yourself by using a standard wedding bubble container and your crafting skills.
  • Fabulous flower girls dressed in white gauze wings is a surefire heart-melter and will elicit the “awwwww” reaction from your guests. Complete the picture with a  butterfly flowergirl basket no little munchkin can resist.
  • Host your wedding at a butterfly sanctuary, zoo or garden.
wedding butterfly
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The best thing about having a butterfly wedding theme is that the colors, shapes, and designs of the butterflies used for decorating are not limited by nature.  Between real and “designed” butterflies, hundreds of brides could have butterfly-themed weddings and no two of those weddings need have similar color schemes or even similar-looking butterflies… every butterfly themed wedding can be unique! Butterfly Wedding Theme Products