Wedding cockades

Some times ago the wedding day was believed to be a moment in which the bad spirits were called. In consequence, there were used some herbs in order to protect the couple and the guests from bad things, hers that were worn around the waist, in the hair or on the chest. It seems that the idea of cockades is reminiscent to those periods and some of the grooms apply for them as well, but other have renounced to this tradition completely.

It’s a very good idea if you decided to apply for cockades that are realized from natural flowers. These are much elegant and they’re suitable for a wedding that takes place in the summer time. Also, they offer an aspect of freshness and maybe a special odor as well.

wedding cockades

It’s true that the majority of people prefer artificial cockades and that they find it easier and at an advantageous price, but if you want your wedding to be special then you deserve something different.
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If you don’t have the patience or time to go shopping in search of cockades, the internet stays at your disposal in every hour of the day or night. You can choose from a large palette of models exactly what types of cockades you want from each guest.

You can apply for flowers that are sophisticated, like roses in different colors and depending on what you want it to be for every guest, or any other types of flowers. It’s important that the flowers you choose are appropriate with the general décor that you’ve applied for.

wedding cockades 2

For examples, something sweet like the jasmine cockade that you can group into small bunches and really delicate in the same time and that are going to surely spread a pleasant odor. You can also apply for cockades that are realized of carnations and that are looking really gorgeous and are really advantageous from the point of view of the financial aspect.

You could even keep some leaves of some flowers in order to regain an effect of freshness. A special model and really gorgeous in the same time represent calla cockades that are really suitable with the flower that the groom carries or the godfather or the ones around- you can even apply for multiple types of flowers, for example callas for the groom, carnations for the rest of the guests and roses or other flowers for the godfathers.

We’re sure that you find these examples really useful and that you’re going to apply for them in the future time and that you’re going to wear such details in your wedding day if you’re more into the traditional stuff.