The wedding box 4

These last examples should end by now the chapter regarding the wedding gift box. We end up until now and we promise to mention about this subject somewhere in the future and maybe then we’ll offer you some other interesting hints and suggestions.

the wedding box 4

So we start with a round gift box that has as basic motif the bride and the groom! On one side of this box you can find an interesting drawing: it’s a symbol of the bride and groom entering in the church! This box is made also in interesting nuances and you can find some pearls at its bottom.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
There’s also the need of mentioning that the hole can be found somewhere in the centre of this box with some nice marbles around it. This box is quite big and you can be sure that it will “eat” a lot of nice gifts!

We continue with an interesting white box, which has a square shape. On the top cover of this box one can encounter the motif of the wedded couple with a bride’s dress and the groom’s gown! On the back side of these two motifs you can see a heart that comes to highlight once again the sign under which the wedding can be found! This box is white and shiny and the hole in which you place the envelopes can be found on one side of this big box.

the wedding box 42

There’s also a round box that has a great color! It’s blue and on the top cover it has a purple ribbon and some flowers applied. The flowers are violet and white and seem similar to the color of the ribbon. The hole can be found on the top side of the box. We consider this accessory pretty interesting and we assure you that it’s appropriate for a wedding ceremony.

Another interesting model of box should be that one on which you apply your prettiest photos! Yes, take a normal cardboard box and stick your favorite photos of you too, of course. If you don’t like the idea of a cardboard box you can apply for a personalized one in a kooky shape. Make sure that you have the key of that lock. The photos can be placed on each facet of the box and these will surely confer an interesting look to the wedding accessory.

the wedding box 43

There are so many models that you just can’t imagine! As long as you fit them with your preferences and with the basic theme of the wedding it will suit perfectly with the entire background.