First dance hints 2

We’re back with the hints for the first dance and we’re sure that you felt really great after reading our first topic concerning this subject! Ok, so thee are a lot of things involved in this first dance and we would like that you hear about all the details and that you realize the most interesting dance that could ever exist in a wedding.

If you didn’t make up your mind concerning the sing on which you want to make your first dance on, we would only like to day this thing: make sure that this song has a special beat that is easy to hear and that you can move in a very pleasurable moment on it.

Think of your favorite songs and see whether you can move gently on these. Discuss on what particular song you feel great when you’re dancing and on which you feel comfortable while you’re dancing….

In the moment you’ve decided on a song make sure that you make a copy of it and pass it to your choreographer. He will listen to it several times and he will try to make some moves for you, you’re going to meet and discuss and practice. If we come to think of it, it’s not a hard thing do to, or is it?

Dancing on recorded music is the best thing that you can do because in this way you’re going to time perfectly all your moves and your dance.

In case you want to dance on live music you have to rehearse with the DJ or the musicians before in order to make sure that you have all the moves placed in a good manner and that you won’t stumble into each other’s feet. Also, you may ask the musicians to play the song in the same manner that it is made on the CD, because you have some tempos there that need to be respected.

The dance routines in Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction or Thriller can be adopted in your songs; it’s a good hint in order to obtain a nice movement and great feedback. We totally recommend these things to you…. Some of those movements are not as hard as they seem –omitting Michael Jackson’s crazy movements.

You have to decide whether or not you announce your guests that your first dance was choreographed! This is a thing that you have to think of: if you want to shock or not!

Some consider that the first dance is a special moment for the bride and the groom and others consider it as a special moment in which they unite all the people and everybody starts with joy the party. It’s a personal decision, remember?