Are you a small wedding party person or quite the opposite

My dear friends, my opinion is that before starting the planning of your wedding reception you should think about yourself, analyze your characters, discuss and see what type of wedding ceremony will suit you. In the following lines we have prepared some categories and we believe that you should check them out, in order to see what style and theme will suite you the best.
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The first category belongs to the people who appreciated the intimacy of a wedding ceremony. To be more precise, we are talking about those couples who would like to spend the most beautiful day of their life only with the person they love and the person that will officiate: their marriage. However, these weddings are harder to plan, because it is impossible for your parents not to want to attend your wedding ceremony. So, what shall you do? Will you proceed with your plans and hurt their feelings, or try to find a great alternative for your situation?

Our suggestion would be to have a small civil marriage, although you will need a witness. Thus, you could have your parents present at this small ceremony and in this way everyone will be pleased. Then, if you want you may organize an elegant reception only with some intimate friends and close family.

small wedding ceremonyCredit
Small wedding ceremony

The second category contains those persons who would like to enjoy their happy event with all their friends and family. So, they do not “suffer” from that bride and groom egoism, since they will be more than happy to share their happiness with the other. Also, you should know that these people would try every wedding tradition that the others suggest them, juts to add some colour to their nuptials. So, the persons belonging to this group are very open-minded.

Besides that, one could classify them as some persons ready to step outside the box and to try new and daring things, so that their ceremony could have it all. Do you think you fit in this description? Then, have such a wedding and enjoy your wedding party with every person you love.

What else could we add? Now it is all up to you! See what kind of person you are and throw the appropriate wedding party.