Swimsuits before the wedding day

If you’re going to take your wedding nearby the sunny seasons then it means that you have to take into account some aspects – like the fact that you should pay attention to the areas without tan and how they’re left with marks due to the fact that you didn’t wear an appropriate swimsuit when you took your sunbaths.

Even if the powder and the makeup foundation can cover temporarily the areas which aren’t bronzed and left by the swimsuit you would better take into account the shape of your wedding dress when it comes to picking your swimsuit.

swimsuits before the wedding day

We’ve prepared a little guide for the swimsuit that can be worn accordingly to the wedding dress that you’ve acquired. If you take into account this detail you’re going to have a pre – marital vacation really relaxed and happy.
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For the princess wedding dress….

The majority of the princess wedding dresses are sleeveless or with thin straps, this is why it would be indicated to opt for a strapless swimsuit.

Your wedding dress is going to have back so you don’t have to worry in what concerns the length of the costume, it would be great that it doesn’t pass three quarter of the bust.

swimsuits before the wedding day 2

The asymmetric wedding dress….

If you’ve chosen an asymmetrical wedding dress you have to take into account the details when you buy the swimsuit. The strap has to be thicker than that of the wedding dress and the orientation is symmetrical.

You can choose models without straps, but in this case you have to pay extreme attention to the cleavage. If in the case of the asymmetric ones you can lower the line of the costume with the help of the strap, to those without straps you have to have a similar cleavage (in shape of V, round or sweetheart).

swimsuits before the wedding day 3

Dresses with sweetheart neckline….

The brides that have chosen a sweetheart neckline wedding dress and with sweetheart neckline are going to need a swimsuit with a similar line in order to avoid those unpleasant marks left by the bathing suit.

Our piece of advice is to choose a deux piece swimsuit in order to feel comfortable on the beach. In the case of a suit made of one piece you’re going to feel uncomfortable at the level of the cleavage.

Wedding dress with a V cleavage.

For a wedding dress with a cleavage in V shape you’re going to need a swimsuit with an extremely deep cleavage, preferable with half a measure deeper than that of the wedding dress.

Take into account that the straps of the wedding dress have to be positioned carefully. Accordingly to these you can tie the bra in the back side or just with parallel straps.