Green wedding cards

If the ecological part inspires you that much, you can easilly adopt some motifs to your wedding and place these on your wedding cards! So here you have some fine examples of ecological cards….


The first suggestion regards some nice flowers (maybe your favorite ones) which are placed next to a nicely colored card! It`s simple and not expensive at all!

Another great idea is to take a piece of cloth made of visible strings, place some leaves and on the exterior side of this “bouquet”, tie a string on which you place a nice accessory with a small card with the name of the invited ones!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
A little plastic basket with a butterfly on it…. how does it sound? Place a nice card with some butterflies painted on it and some small flowers also inside! So colorful and so nice in the same time!

Take shells or clams from the seashore and combine them with a nice leaf and on top of it, stick a piece of paper with names! Simple and cheap, isn`t it? if you didn`t life the idea with the leaf, you can simply leave the shell, the clam or the star just the way it is and put a carton card beside it ! it will look so simple, but so elegant in the same time! Or, if you have the time, pierce the clams and introduce the cards inside them!


The simplest idea can be to take simple carton cards and put a colored tree on it, just to show that ypu care about nature! And that`s it! Place the names, seats and table! Speaking of cartons, you can have a little box made of carton with a nice flower in it and that`s about all! Just don`t forget to write the names of the guests on the exterior!

A miniatural human being made of paper is also ecological! Place a ribbon around the small figurine and write some names on that piece…

If the tropical side inspires you a lot, you can have some coconut trees ol palm trees made of carton and place them on the table! These accessories will certainly make everybody smile and will bring great psychological state!

A nice little vase with colored flowers looks so great! Make sure the vase matches with one of the lively flowers you`ve picked, place around the vase`s neck a little ribbon with a carton that contains the name of the guests! Delightful!

Small pots with miniatural plants look so great and sweet! You can have such mini flower pots, just make sure they`re lively colored! The guests will be enchanted of seeing such accessories on your table!


The final idea is to have normal table cards, made of carton, place some ecological themes on them and the writings and place them on the tables with the help of a hook! You`ll see the interesting image that is going to be created!