Double weddings

Indeed a nice way of getting married! You can share your joy and emotions with another couple without any other inconvenient to appear.

It’s nothing more virtuous from the side of a bride than the decision of sharing the spot light with another bride. Don’t feel that due to share with someone such a decision, because one of the main conditions when it comes to double weddings is that you divide the costs and expenses.

This is the main advantage when it comes to a double wedding: renting the place, the flower arrangements, the transport, the catering services and the entertainment- all of these are divided into two.

A simple example that we’re going to take into account- Beijing. 10 couples with disabilities took the decision of getting married in the same time and they reduced in this manner the expenses to the wedding.

double weddings

The eco theme is in trend as well, and so such weddings are more and more popular in our days. Even if we’re speaking of a family member or your best friend, why not try to apply for such an option.
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For pushing you from the behind, here are some of the possible advantages offered by organizing a double wedding….

Dividing the expenses that will help you when it comes to all the wedding’s expenses…

Sharing the aspects and organization aspects is going to reduce the stress before the wedding as well. a large burden will be half a burden now!

double weddings 2

If the person that you’re going to make the wedding with is a family member, then you’re going to transmit a cozy and familiar air to the ceremony and you’re going to be able to take part in a memorable event that will enter in the genealogic history.

Sharing your most important day with the best friend that you have can definitely make the two of you stronger and more tied one to the other.

The guests that know both types of couples are going to have to win as well, because the financial part is easily to bare- not only when it comes to the gift that they have to offer to you, but from the point of view of the transport as well.

double weddings 3

In isolated situations in which your wedding takes place in a resort, this experience can be a really lonesome one for the family and friends, because not everyone can afford spending the expenses for the transport.

If you’re going to share your wedding with a friend you can be sure that you’re going to have a reasonable presence at the wedding. It’s possible that some of the guests to be undecided when it comes to attending the ceremony and to decide to come, speaking about a double wedding in which the two couples are close enough.