Wedding problems

You know what happened to the wedding that has been organized around a period of a year? It has been populated! And together with the guests you’ve seen appear a multitude of problems that you didn’t see come before, or they took a turn that you’ve never thought of.

In order to calm yourself (even before confronting with problems) we thought it would be nice to make a list with some people that you shouldn’t take into account when you’re a bride or you have to avoid as much as possible.

wedding problems

We know that in some situations it’s going to be really hard to pass over some details, but you have to think that this is your special day in which no one should intervene in any manner and that you have to remain as happy as possible.

Do you really think that there won’t be some guests that can consider that the chromatic palette is too loaded or that your dress is totally inappropriate? Relax because we calm you and we totally recommend you not to take into account these words.

Avoid entering in contradictory discussions with them and you have to recall everybody that tastes shouldn’t be discussed, because they’re really different.

wedding problems 2

Your mother in law just stumbled over a waiter who remained blocked on the dance floor and a waiter spilled a glass of wine on your dress…. it happens!

You never know how prepared are those participating at your wedding. Try not to get annoyed and charged with nerves, you should better send your husband talk with the person involved in taking care of the salon and ask the replacement of the waiters that cause problems, and this if it’s possible!

You want to have a makeup style in the 60s style, but the makeup artist tells you that it isn’t suitable? In order to avoid such cases it’s better to make some rehearsals and see whether he’s right or not. If such situations appear try to explain everybody with a calm tone and really decided that this is your choice and that everybody has to do everything as you want it- you’re the bride after all….

Who would have thought that your friends are going to be sad in the day of your wedding? Well, not all the time can you control your emotions, so it’s understandable that some persons really dear to you are going to be a little bit sad.

Instead of being full of nerves you should try to consulate and explain them that you’re going to remain this close after getting married….