Hints regarding the day before the wedding ceremony

All the future brides are emotional regarding the weddig day! They have a highlighted preoccupation regarding their physical aspect and that`s a normal thing, because every woman wants to look great in her wedding day! Here are some hints that make you relax and make you look fresh and great….


A great basic step is to try to sleep as much as you can, try to maintain you eyes healthy and good looking ( without dark circles)! If you loose a night, try to recover it by sleeping some hours in plus in the next night and also try to sleep a couple of hours in the next day!
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Take care of your face also! It must look healthy and no one wants zits on her wedding day! Use a moisturizing cream and anti-zits moisturizer! In this way you prepare your complexion for the ultra make-up from the bog day!

Try to attend some fitness hours or to jog in the park in order to maintain your physical aspect or even to loose sopme extra kilos! Another thing is to eat healthy( fruits and vegetables) and attend some special programs at a cosmetic salon: massages, tanning sessions, sauna etc.; if you`re not into sports you can try to take a walk at least, once a day! A hint is to do such a walk while you`re arranging the preparations for the wedding day!


Try applying some hair masks and face masks to give a great aspect to your face and hair! Try dyeing your hair before to see what color suits you the best and if you don`t like how it looks you can change the hair color!

If you`re a plumpy person and your wedding dress doesn`t fit you wear a corsage that makes your body look thin! It`s a good suggestion if you want to get riod instantly of some kilos! Anti-cellulite massages are great if they have as basic moisturizers those with algae material!

Another thing is to wax your hairy parts some days before the wedding ceremony! And why shouldn’t it be done exactly in that day? Maybe because you can get rashes and you can treat them effectively in those days or you shouldn’t get pains from waxing and loose time in your wedding day?

In order to look great in your wedding day you must really get good take care of yourself, your body and health! Make sure you sleep a lot and in the period before the wedding day and ceremony! The basic part is that you look great in that day! You need to shine and look fresh!


Also, you can apply for a cosmetic salon and get really good treatments before! You can also loose some inches from these great treatments and it`s a good thing, because you`ll look wonderful! If you know some other hints and things about what` s good to be done before the wedding day you can let us know about them!