First dance hints

When it comes to the first dance performed at your wedding, things are very hard, at least for men because they don’t do that great when it comes to dancing –it’s a fact guys, you have to admit it, and dancing in couple is the most uninteresting thing that you could ever think of….

A choreography won’t do harm ton anyone! Of course, this may sound stupid to you, but it does wonders for some men and women that aren’t that great in dancing. You can try to spin, foxtrot and things like that. This is a big step and a good starting point!

Hiring a choreographer isn’t a bad idea at all. Try taking some lessons before –you won’t be the first person that does it, believe us and it’s also great for you, because you won’t make a fool of yourself in your wedding day and during the first dance.

first dance hints

In case you don’t have a big amount of money and can’t simply afford some dancing lessons, this won’t be a problem because there are plenty of lessons that can be found on YouTube or on different parallel sites: these are free and you can stay in front of your desktop PC or laptop together with your partner and at least try some steps, do it until you learn some moves….
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Combing up with your first choreography isn’t bad idea at all! Yes, in fact it’s a thing that would make the ones around you smile and these are things that are out of the ordinary and really original in the same time if we come to think of it. For new steps you need some desire and self confidence –the both of you and we’re sure that you’re going to feel divine after everybody claps their hands.

In case you need some new steps and some dazzling ones feel free to browse for them on the internet, surely you’re going to find some there and you won’t remain disappointed, because these are really interesting and they may be the things you’re looking for.

Also, if the idea with the internet doesn’t please you either you can also apply for renting some DVDs with dance lessons and study these hardly, because you need plenty of rehearsing in case you’re not a good dancer.

Choosing the song on which you can perform your first dance won’t be a hard thing to do –in fact, it’s the easiest of them all! You can enter on different sites or you can browse through our suggestions and see what song suits you the most and on what would you love to dance on.

Ok, so our hints concerning the first dance don’t end here, there are some other left and you’re going to read about these in our further articles so that you can make a general idea and decide on all the details concerning this special moment, which is really important in the same time.