The details of the British royal wedding

It’s no wonder why the royal wedding has been declared the event of the year, as its details are still discussed online and in different shows at TV. All the people remained dazzled when they have seen the bride appear in that gorgeous wedding gown (around which there were so many rumors: how it was looking and most of all, how was she to look like in it).

The royal wedding

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You would have wished to be close to their wedding and see all the details that surrounded that wedding, the wedding reception and so on…. The ticket could have been kind of expensive, depending on what side of the globe you are and in the same time, why go to England when there were so many sites on which you could see the wedding online and transmitted directly from the spot.

Even if there is some time that has passed from the big moment, we would like to get back and mention some details surrounding a royal wedding.

First of all, there are the wedding invitations….

In an event that is so exclusivist like such a wedding is, the guest list is everything! The royal people, the international leaders, the church officials and all important persons have to be next to the couple and let us not forget about the close ones to the couple – they shouldn’t be absent as well. The royal family sits on the right side of the church, but it can happen for them not to stand there if the groom does not have blue blood, in this case they have to move on the left side of the church.

Did you know that the queen has ordered for 1900 wedding invitations to be sent to the closest ones of the groom and bride, including their colleagues in the St. Andrew University?

The clothes of the royal wedding guests

The men attending at the wedding had to wear military uniforms or elegant day costumes, while women don’t have a must wear outfit, though the hats are considered to be really appropriate and they didn’t miss from the wedding ceremony.

British royal weddingCredit
British royal wedding

The means of transportations in the royal wedding

The majority of the brides from the Palace have chosen to go to their wedding into a chariot that was driven by horses. Kate Middleton seems to have preferred to go by car in the same car with her father. We are not speaking about any car; it’s a Rolls Royce Phantom that is owned by the queen, which permitted the ones seeing the ceremony to observe the wonderful bride!

Once married, William and Katherine got out of the church in the same chariot that led Charles in Diana some time ago, and which was especially designed for crowning Edwards the VIIth in the year 1902.

The royal wedding rings

Starting with the royal wedding of Queen Elisabeth in 1923, all the wedding rings have been made of gold, from the mine of Dolgellau in North Wales. This type of gold is three times valuable than that from South Africa or Australia. Breaking the tradition, Will decides not to wear a wedding ring, admitting that he isn’t a big fan of jewelry.

The royal wedding cake

Like in the case of the other details, this one has to be taken into consideration carefully. And it was realized and ordered in due time. The wedding took part at the end of April and it was ordered in February.

Royal wedding cakeCredit
Royal wedding cake

Not only did this wedding cake impress through its majesty, but also through the details surrounding it. The royal wedding cake was made with multiple flower details and not only, each detail and element being a symbol of power, bringing the idea of royalty and majesty.

What was so impressive about this wedding cake? The fact that it has been realized of 8 gorgeous layers, each one embroidered in its own way and the details that could be observed on its surface were stolen from the architectural details that could be observed in the wedding reception room.

From these well known aspects of the wedding ceremony, let’s add certain traditions that surround the royal wedding generally, shall we?

First of all, you have to know that the engagement and the wedding would not take part if the Queen did not agree with the couple. Also, the royal members cannot marry with people that are baptized in catholic religion.

Immediately after the engagement, the Queen announced just how delighted she was of the pick of the young prince, which means that everything goes accordingly to the plan. If the Queen is delighted, then we don’t see any difficulties to be encountered by the young and freshly wedded couple!